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Description Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Select All Set Breakpoint Remove Breakpoint Remove All Brkpt. Location Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Context menu Mac Keys Command+Z Command+Y Command+X Command+C Command+V Command+A Command+Shift+B Command+Shift+B Command+Shift+A Windows Keys Control+Z Control+Y Control+X Control+C Control+V Control+A Control+Shift+B Control+Shift+B Control+Shift+A
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The psychological transplantation literature is sparse, re ecting insuf cient standardization of assessment strategies and few empirical studies of interventions. From the extant literature, assessment and intervention in organ and bone marrow transplants are approached on multiple levels (patient, family, and health care context) and over three phases of transplant: pretransplant, during the transplant, and posttransplant (Stuber & Canning, 1998). Unlike adult transplant, assessment pretransplant usually does not serve as a gatekeeper to transplant in pediatrics but as a method for anticipating problems with adjustment to the transplant and adherence with burdensome hospitalization and medical interventions during and after. Speci cally, pretransplant assessment focuses on child and parent psychological adjustment, the child s cognitive functioning as it impacts ability to understand and to adhere to treatment, the availability of social support during the hospitalization, understanding of the transplant and commitment to the procedure by both the child and at least one parent, and current and past treatment adherence issues (Shaw & Taussig, 1999). Interventions pretransplant are aimed at preparing the child and family for the stress of transplant hospitalization by addressing misunderstandings about the procedure, by treating problems in adjustment, and by teaching the child and the family adaptive coping strategies and cognitive-behavioral approaches to pain management. In addition, pretransplant interventions aim to improve outcome by building strong alliances between families and the medical team and bolstering family and community supports. Streisand et al. (2000) reported a pilot intervention aimed at improving the coping responses of parents of children undergoing bone marrow transplantation. A stress-inoculation approach, with cognitive and behavioral components, was implemented in a randomized, controlled, one-session design. The authors reported that parents who participated in the intervention showed more adaptive coping efforts, suggesting that the intervention was successful in teaching parents stress-reduction techniques. However, the change in coping did not result in less distress for intervention parents when compared to parents receiving standard transplant care. During the transplant, which involves an extensive period of hospitalization, psychological and physical aspects of the transplant are the foci of assessment and intervention. Most commonly, pain management, reduction of the fear, anger, and anxiety associated with pain and prolonged hospitalization, addressing withdrawal often exhibited by children, and addressing strains in the relationship of staff to families are helpful in this phase (Slater, 1994; Stuber & Canning, 1998). Transplantation is associated with long-term medical complications including rejection of the organ or bone marrow,
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IMG.icon { padding: 20px; float: left; } <HTML> <HEAD> <LINK rel= stylesheet type= text/css href= ch33.css > <TITLE> 33 Examples</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H1> 33 Examples</H1> <IMG class= icon src= fir.gif > <P>It is common to want to have images appear on the same line as your text. In this example, the float property of the IMG class icon is set to left to achieve this effect. More text is required in this example so that you can see that the text continues to wrap around the image. This is that additional text that is required. By now, the example should have enough text to make the point. Just in case, another sentence will provide additional text for purposes of making this point. This will be the last sentence. OK, maybe just one more, but I mean it this time.</P> </BODY> </HTML>
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Now that the introductions are over, let s get into the technical details of the TCP/IP
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cash bank: a speci c amount of paper money and coins issued to a cashier to be used for making change cashier: a person who processes guest checkouts and guest legal tender and makes change for guests cashier s report: a daily cash control report that lists cashier activity of cash and credit cards and machine totals by cashier shift chain: a group of hotels that follow standard operating procedures such as marketing, reservations, quality of service, food and beverage operations, housekeeping, and accounting chain af liations: hotels that purchase operational and marketing services from a corporation city ledger accounts: a collection of accounts receivable of nonregistered guests who use the services of the hotel collective bargaining unit: a labor union commercial cards: credit cards issued by corporations, an example of which is Diners Club commercial hotels: hotels that provide short-term accommodations for traveling guests commercial rates: room rates for businesspeople who represent a company but do not necessarily have less bargaining power because of their infrequent or sporadic pattern of travel communications hierarchy: a listing of the order in which management personnel may be called on to take charge in an emergency situation company-owned property: a hotel that is owned and operated by a chain organization complimentary rate (comp): a rate for which there is no charge to the guest computer supplies: paper, forms, ribbons, ink cartridges, and oppy disks needed to operate the system concierge: a person who provides an endless array of information on entertainment, sports, amusements, transportation, tours, church services, and baby-sitting in a particular city or town conference call: a conversation in which three or more persons are linked by telephone con rmed reservations: prospective guests who have a reservation for accommodations that is honored until a speci ed time continental breakfast: juice, fruit, sweet roll, and/or cereal controller: the internal accountant for the hotel convention guests: guests who attend a large convention and receive a special room rate corporate client: a hotel guest who represents a business or is a guest of that business and provides the hotel with an opportunity to establish a regular ow of business during sales periods that would normally be at
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Table 19-3 Events Recognized by a Chart Sheet
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Server Side The Siaddr field is set to the server s address and the Op field is set to a BOOTREPLY. The UDP destination port is set to 68 (BOOTP client). If the Ciaddr address of the BOOT-REQUEST is set to a non-0 address, then the packet is IP routed back to the client. However, if the Giaddr is set to a non-0, then the BOOTREPLY is sent directly to this router and the UDP destination port is set to BOOTPS (67). Otherwise, the client is local and the BOOTREPLY is send back to the client on the local LAN.
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