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An overview of Excel s menu system Types of menu modifications you can make How to manipulate menus with VBA Various menu programming techniques used with events A useful (and very easy) technique for creating custom menus A procedure for replacing standard menu conventions with your own How to customize the shortcut menus
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Providing ef cient reliable multicast support for large-scale multipoint applications is a challenge because of the feedback implosion and crying baby issues (described below), especially when the application requires fast packet delivery in addition to bandwidth-ef cient delivery. Historically, reliable transport is achieved mainly using ARQ (automatic repeat request) [23] such as in TCP. However, ARQ with a large receiver set such as in RM suffers from fundamental scaling problems [21,24]: 1. The feedback implosion problem, where feedback from all receivers can overwhelm the source and the links close to the source [24,25]. For example, with thousands or even millions of receivers, the probability of packet losses in the audience at any moment becomes so high that negative acknowledgments (NAKs) and retransmissions occur constantly, multiplying bandwidth consumption and resulting in more severe congestion and more losses. 2. The crying baby problem [21], where one or a few receivers experiencing high packet loss may trigger repeated retransmissions and slow down the entire multicast session. For example, if the source multicasts the repairs, each group member has to receive the amount of traf c equivalent to what the most lossy group member receives, unfairly burdening the ones with low loss rates. Or, if the source regulates its transmission rate accordingly, the entire session slows to the rate of the slowest receiver. The larger the multicast group, the more heterogeneous the network and end-station conditions, the worse this problem. Moreover, as various RM recovery techniques try to address these problems, they make design tradeoffs that come down to the fundamental tradeoff between bandwidth and latency two competing requirements of multipoint streaming data applications. Reducing the recovery traf c often prolongs the recovery process and vice
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With so much power and built-in capability already present in the MythMusic plug-in, you might wonder what hasn t been considered. For starters, you cannot decode MP3s from the MythMusic interface by default, though you can play them just fine. In addition, there is no well-defined interface to batch up conversion when transcoding music files from one audio format into another. You will need to install the requisite LAME and MPEG Audio Decoder (MAD) MP3 library headers to take full advantage of MP3 encoding and decoding capabilities (for our purposes, only LAME is required, but MAD is recommended). Both may be acquired and installed easily using the Fedora package manager yum or its corresponding graphical frontend yumex. Using either method, grab the latest distribution set of the following items:
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Most food proteins, including meat proteins, contain bioactive sequences. However, those bioactive sequences are inactive within the parent proteins. Peptides with respective bioactivities are generated from native proteins by proteolytic digestion. Processes of protein digestion for generation of peptides from meat proteins include gastrointestinal digestion, aging, fermentation, and protease treatment (Fig. 24.5). Meat proteins are attacked by proteolytic enzymes (e.g., pepsin, trypsin, chymotripsin, elastase, and carboxypeptidase) during gastrointestinal digestion (Pihlanto and Korhonen 2003). Although there has been no clear evidence that bioactive peptides are generated from meat proteins in human intestinal tracts, their generation has been shown in several in vitro studies. For example, some gastrointestinal digestive enzymes generated ACE
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The nal chapter, Applications of Evolving Intelligent Systems to Oil and Gas Industry, is written by Jos Juan Mac Hernandez of CEPSATenerife Oil Re nery and e as University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, and Plamen Angelov of Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK. This chapter reviews the opportunities for application of evolving systems to different process-control problems in oil re neries and in process industry in general. Special attention is given to the evolving model-based industrial (indirect) inferential sensors. The authors introduce an interesting e-Sensor version of the eTS algorithm as an adaptive inferential sensor that is employed for product quality monitoring. They also demonstrate how the Takagi-Sugeno modeling technique can be expanded to the problem of automatic selection of a subset of important input variables that are used to predict estimated process characteristics. Practical aspects of the design and implementation of evolving inferential sensors, including initialization, calibration, prediction, and performance under different operating modes, are also presented. To view supplemental material for this book, including additional software for downloading, please visit http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/staff/angelov/Downloads.htm. In closing, the editors would like to express their gratitude to all contributors and reviewers for making this volume a reality. We hope that this book will be a useful tool and inspiration for better understanding of the philosophy, theoretical foundations, and potential of practical applications of the EIS. The Editors, Lancaster, UK Dearborn, Michigan, USA Auckland, New Zealand February 2010
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Inland groundwater discharge zones: natural features Springs, wetlands, ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers can all function as signi cant groundwater discharge zones. The nature and dynamics of these natural inland groundwater discharge features are discussed in detail in 5. In any one landscape it is common for one or more of each class of features to occur in close proximity to (and in hydrological continuity with) another. For instance, springs commonly give rise to the headwaters of streams, and also often ank the banks of streams and rivers over great distances. Other springs can often be seen to feed wetlands, ponds, and lakes, whence surface out ows usually carry water onwards to streams and rivers. Although spring discharges are conspicuous, in many catchments they actually account for a relatively small proportion of total inland groundwater discharge, with the bulk being accounted for by direct groundwater up ow through the bed sediments of surface water bodies (wetlands, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers).
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25 Number of Episodes 20 15 10 5 0 L 19.24 DL 14.29
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If the Property inspector is not visible, choose Window > Properties. Double-click the ending frame in the Timeline. Select Motion from the Tween pop-up menu in the Property inspector. If you modified the size of the item in step 4, select Scale to tween the size of the selected item.
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54. O Dwyer JJ. Theory of Conduction in Dielectrics., Journal of Applied Physics 1969;39: 3887 90. 55. DiMaria DJ, Arnold D, Cartier E. Impact ionization and positive charge formation in silicon dioxide lms on silicon. Applied Physics Letters 1992;60:2118 20. 56. Fischetti M, DiMaria DJ, Brorson SD, Theis TN, Kirtley JR. Theory of high eld electron transport in silicon dioxide. Physical Review B 1985;31:8124 42. 57. Schuegraf KF, Hu C. Hole injection oxide breakdown model for very low voltage lifetimeb extrapolation. Proceedings of the International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), 1993. p. 7 12. 58. Klein N, Solomon P. Current runaway in insulators affected by impact ionization and recombination. Journal of Applied Physics 1976;47:4364 72. 59. Nissan-Cohen Y, Shappir J, Frohman-Bentchkowsky D. High yield and current induced positive charge in thermal SiO2 layers. Journal of Applied Physics 1985;57:2830 9. 60. Chen IC, Holland S, Hu C. Electron-trap generation by recombination of electrons and holes in SiO2. Journal of Applied Physics 1987;61:4544 8. 61. Amerasekera A, Campbell D. ESD pulse and continuous voltage breakdown in MOS capacitors structures. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1986. p. 208 13. 62. Lin DL, Welsher T. From lightning to charged-device model electrostatic discharges. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1992. p. 68 75. 63. Bridgewood M, Fu Y. A comparison of threshold damage processes in thick eld oxide protection devices following square pulse and human body model injection. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1988. p. 126 36. 64. Bridgewood M, Kelly R. Modeling the effects of narrow impulsive overstress on capacitive test structures. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1985. p. 84 91. 65. Tuncliffe MJ, Dwyer VM, Campbell DS. Experimental and theoretical studies of EOS/ESD oxide breakdown in unprotected MOS structures. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1990. p. 162 68. 66. CDM. ESD Sensitivity Testing: Charged Device Model (CDM) Component Level ESD Association Standard, D5.3, 1997. 67. Kitamura Y, Kitamura H, Nakanishi K, Shibuya Y. Breakdown of thin gate-oxide by application of nanosecond pulse as ESD test. Proceedings of International Test and Failure Analysis (ITSFA), 1989. p. 193 9. 68. Maloney TJ. Designing MOS inputs and outputs to avoid oxide failure in the charged device model. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1988. p. 220 27. 69. Renninger RG. Mechanism of charged device electrostatic discharge. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1991. p. 127 43. 70. Renninger RG, Jon M-C, Lin DL, Diep T, Welsher TL. A eld-induced charged device model simulator. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1989. p. 59 71. 71. Fong Y-P, Hu C. The effects of high electric eld transients on thin gate oxide MOSFETs. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1987. p. 252 7. 72. Lin DL. ESD sensitivity and VLSI technology trends: thermal breakdown and dielectric breakdown. Proceedings of the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, 1993. p. 73 82. 73. Degraeve R, Pangon N, Kaczer B, Nigam T, Groseneken G, Naem A, et al. Temperature acceleration of oxide breakdown and its impact on ultra-thin gate oxide reliability. VLSI Technical Symposium, 1999. p. 59 60.
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0 0 0 0 n i n j (n i + n j )2 1/4 1 1
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You can modify an object s properties by creating a variable that addresses the target path of the object and the property you are modifying. You set the variable s value equal to an applicable value for the property you are changing. Refer to Table 9-1 for the range of values for each property. You can also use a variable for a value. To modify an object s property by addressing its target path: 1. Select the keyframe or object that will trigger the object s property change. 2. Click Actions Variables and then double-click set variable to add the action to your script. 3. In the Variable field, enter the target path to the object whose properties you want to change. You can enter the path directly in the field, or click the Insert a Target Path button to insert the target path from the Insert Target Path dialog box. Remember that you can only change the property of a named instance of a movie clip. 4. In the Variable field, type a dot ( . ) after the target path. 5. In the left pane of the Actions panel, click Properties and double-click the property you want to change. 6. In the Value field, enter a value or the name of a variable that contains the value of the property you are changing. 7. Click the Expression checkbox. Listing 9-2 shows several properties of a movie clip being changed. The lines of code preceded by two forward slashes are comments. Comments are notes you can add to ActionScript to describe the code that follows. (Comments are covered in 14.)
stop(); updateUIFromDataPg3(); // get the data from the UI elements on page 1 function getDataFromUIPg1() { loginData.nameField = name_txt.text; loginData.gender = genderGroup.getValue().getLabel(); loginData.cityIndex = city_mc.getSelectedIndex(); } // get the data from the UI elements on page 2 function getDataFromUIPg2() { loginData.junkMail = junkCheck_mc.getValue(); loginData.interestIndex = interest_mc.getSelectedIndex(); } // get the data from the UI elements on page 3 function getDataFromUIPg3() { // page 3 only displays data, so there is no data to get } // set the state of UI elements on page 1 using the loginData object values function updateUIFromDataPg1() { name_txt.text = loginData.nameField; for (var i=0; i<cityTable.length; i++) { city_mc.addItem(cityTable[i]); } city_mc.setSelectedIndex(loginData.stateIndex); genderGroup.setValue(loginData.gender + "_mc"); } // set the state of UI elements on page 2 using the loginData object values function updateUIFromDataPg2() { for (var i=0; i<interestTable.length; i++) { interest_mc.addItem(interestTable[i]); } interest_mc.setSelectedIndex(loginData.interestIndex); junkCheck_mc.setValue(loginData.junkMail); onChange(); } // display the results data on page 3 using loginData object values function updateUIFromDataPg3() { resultsName_txt.text = loginData.nameField; resultsGender_txt.text = loginData.gender; resultsState_txt.text = stateTable[loginData.stateIndex]; resultsInterests_txt.text = interestTable[loginData.interestIndex]; }
The plug-ins covered in this chapter represent the community efforts of end-users turned developers in their attempts to incorporate killer app functionality into the MythTV framework for your personal enjoyment. The entries mentioned here are only a small fraction of the many MythTV plug-in projects active on the Web. By no means is this an exhaustive list, either. By the time this book goes to press and gets into your hands, new projects will have appeared. It is hoped that the exposure this book provides for MythTV will spawn even more new plug-ins.
You ve done everything you can to make your site easy to scan. Visitors can find what they want. And what they want is in a short paragraph. But you can do more. Consider the following two paragraphs (underlined text represents hyperlinks): All Over the Web services make use of the latest security technologies, including Secure-sockets layer (SSL), which allows all transactions to be encrypted so that only you and the server know what you re sending, which should give you peace of mind to know that no one lurking on the Web can read your private information. Additionally, your own site visitors, who are just as concerned about the privacy and security of their own personal information, will feel more comfortable entering their own personal information into your guestbook when they see that your guestbook is administered by Over the Web. Or Over the Web employs SSL, the latest security technology available, to guarantee all transactions with our secure server are indecipherable to hackers lurking on the Web. Your private information stays private. Visitors to your site, wisely concerned about their own privacy, will have confidence their personal data is in good hands when they see Over the Web administers your guestbook. And this gives them confidence in you.
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