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Example 2.2 Consider the EMP table shown in Figure 2.3. Suppose we have three branch of ces, with each employee working at only one of ce. For ease of use, we decide that information for a given employee should be stored in the DBMS server at the branch of ce where that employee works. Therefore, the EMP table needs to be fragmented horizontally into three fragments based on the value of the Loc column as shown below:
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The Evolution of Psychoanalysis: Gazing Across Three Centuries
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In this section we consider several techniques to improve the performance of MB-OFDM systems. Our objective herein is not to provide an exhaustive list of potential performance enhancements, but rather to illustrate some examples, and, in addition, to apply some of the tools of analysis developed in the
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Calendar year, 10 Canned software, 579 Capital budget, 364, 492 Capital rationing, 506 Capital stock, 7, 79 Cash bank floats, 468 control procedures. See Cash receipts control debit cards revenues as, 144 forms as current asset, 74, 413, 467 468 theft/fraud related to, 195, 223 226 wages, 215 Cash basis accounting consistency principle, 10 defined, 5 revenue in, 10, 55 Cash budgets, 458, 462 467 computer applications, 477 financing section of, 466 467 information requirements, 462 463 for month, 463 464 negative cash budget, 465 466 for three-months, 464 465
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g(x) = 2.051 0.0369891(0) + 2.11844(1) = 0.06744 and
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