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durable topic subscribers. The Send page is essentially a web-form interface to produce a message into a particular destination (queue or topic). There are also some other facilities we can access (such as some web-application demonstrations, and a Java Management Extensions (JMX) administration facility); see the documentation and website for further details.
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The Psychology of Bigotry
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Coaching Efficacy Scale (CES), 742 743 Coaching for skill development versus performance enhancement, 216 Cognition: ABCs of psychology, 645 advanced age, physical activity and, 494 497 alternations in neurotransmitter activity, 496 497 conceptual frameworks for assessing, 494 495 controlled processing, 494 cross-sectional and longitudinal nonintervention studies, 495 497 executive control, 494 improvement in cerebral blood f low and energy metabolism, 496 intervention studies, 496 mechanisms by which physical activity and physical fitness inf luence, 496 497 morphological changes as result of exercise, 497 processing speed, 494 visuospatial processing, 494 exercise and, 471 474 explanations and mechanisms, 472 473 moderating variables, 471 472 overall findings, 471 time in physical education, physical fitness, and academic performance, 472 life span changes in, 648 650 perceptual-cognitive aspects of performance, 205 (see also Perceptual-cognitive skills) team, 265 266, 268 269 Cognitive anthropology, 277 Cognitive appraisal models, rehabilitation and, 406 408 Cognitive basis of EEG during motor performance, 93 Cognitive-behavioral preparatory routines, golf-putting task, 455 Cognitive control, hierarchical organization, 335 336 Cognitive ethnography, 277 Cognitive evaluation theory, 637 Cognitive outcomes, motivation and, 67, 70 71 Cognitive responses, rehabilitation, 408 409 attributions for injury, 408 coping strategies, 409 perceived benefits of injury, 409 self-perceptions following injury, 408 409 Cognitive training, leadership and, 130 Collective efficacy, 799 817 assessment issues, 804 810 competitive or comparative efficacy, 805 conceptual analysis, 805 806 concordance and temporal disparity, 807 810 dimensionality, 807 optimal categorization of rating scales, 806 807 assessment methods, 800 804 chronological review, select characteristics of empirical studies, 801 802, 808, 815 816 conceptual multilevel model, 816 defining, 800 efficacy beliefs, 799 future research, general recommendations, 817 interrater agreement, 811 816 multilevel modeling, 810 811 overview/introduction, 799 800, 816 Collective Efficacy Scale, 742 College athletes: alcohol use, 860 861 recreational drug use, 864 steroid use, 866 867
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It is essential that all involved in the development and training of athletes understand the degree to which sport participation may pose problems to an athlete s physical, emotional and social well-being. Involvement in sport may lead to injury and illness as well as a variety of behavioural and psychological issues.
Table 12-1 MythMusic Keyboard Commands
In the slotted MAC, without considering backoff and CCA, the time duration tUD to transmit a unicast frame and to receive an Ack is tUD 1
Part I Tips
Bliesze M, Hupp J. Indoor navigation in DECT networks. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Indoor Localisation and Position Finding; InLoc2002; Bonn, Germany; July 2002. Eissfeller B, Gansch D, Muller S, Teuber A. Indoor positioning using wireless LAN radio signals. In: ION GNSS 17th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division: Proceedings; September 21 24, 2004, Long Beach (CA). Fontana RJ. Recent system applications of short-pulse ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. IEEE Trans Microwave Theory Tech 2004;52(9, Pt 1):2087 2104. Fontana RJ, Gunderson SJ. Ultra-wideband precision asset location system. In: IEEE Conference on UWB Systems and Technologies: Proceedings; May 2002. Frazer E. Indoor positioning using ultrawideband techniques analysis and experimental results. 11th IAIN World Congress, October 2003, Berlin, Germany. Gezici S, Tian Z, Giannakis GB, Kobayashi H, Molisch AF, Poor HV, Sahinoglu Z. Localization via ultra-wideband radios: a look at positioning aspects of future sensor networks. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Volume 22, Issue 4, p 70 84. Gillieron P-Y, Merminod B. Personal navigation system for indoor applications. 11th IAIN World Congress; Berlin, Germany; 2003. Heinrichs G. Personal localisation and positioning in the light of 3G wireless communications and beyond. 11th IAIN World Congress, October 2003, Berlin, Germany. Hightower J, Borriello G. Location systems for ubiquitous computing. Computer, August 2001. Volume 34, Issue 8, p 57 66. Kaplan ED, Hegarty C. Understanding GPS: principles and applications. 2nd ed. Artech House; 2006. Norwoood, MA, USA. Kitasuka T, Nakanishi T, Fukuda A. Wireless LAN based indoor positioning system WiPS and its simulation. In: 2003 IEEE Paci c Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing: Processings; August 2003. p 272 275. Koshima H, Hoshen J. Personal locator services emerge. IEEE Spectrum, February 2000. Volume 37, Issue 2, p 41 48. Krishnan P, Krishnakumar AS, Ju W-H, Mallows C, Ganu S. A system for LEASE: location estimation assisted by stationary emitters for indoor RF wireless networks. IEEE INFOCOM; 2004. Mattos PG. Assisted GPS without network cooperation using GPRS and the internet. In: ION GPS/GNSS 2003: Proceedings; September 2003; Portland (OR). Martone M, Metzler J. Prime time positioning: using broadcast TV signals to ll GPS acquisition gaps. GPS World 2005;16(9):52 59. Pateli A, Fouskas K, Kourouthanassis P, Tsamakos A. On the potential use of mobile positioning technologies in indoor environments. In: 15th Bled Electronic Commerce Conference: Proceedings; June 2002. Bled, Slovenia. Randall J, Amft O, Troster G. Towards LuxTrace: using solar cells to measure distance indoors. In: Location and Context Awareness (LoCA). Proceedings; May 2005; Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.
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