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count, and is issued a credit card with a unique account number and a credit line (which is how much he or she is allowed to spend on the account).
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Deposit check is a three-step process:
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If this script ran on a Navigator 2.0, the object document.images would be undefined and return a 0 when evaluated (interpreted as a logical false). This makes the if statement false, so it doesn t execute the statements within it. If this script ran on Internet Explorer 4.0, document.images would return an object (inherently non-zero), which would be interpreted as a logical true. The interior of the if statement would run. All of the code that depends on the image object is contained within the if statement that first detects if the object exists. The basic syntax of object detection is this:
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Figure 9.10 PSK).
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Factor measurements or sensorial quotable observations at a CCP are monitoring actions able to detect if the process is operating within the critical limits (Mortimore and Wallace 1997). Methods of analysis used in monitoring must produce rapid answers to understand if there is loss of control at a CCP and to set and run the stated corrective action. Monitoring procedure could be a continuous on-line measurement where critical data are continuously recorded, or a discontinuous off-line monitoring system. There are disadvantages related to discontinuous off-line measurements because sampling size and frequency may not be fully representative of the code 39 generator code
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Executing a procedure by clicking an object
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Hierarchy of network elements in the 3GPP system.
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