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Homeostasis can be de ned as being the coordinated physiological processes that maintain an animal s body at a steady state relative to its environment. It involves the cooperative actions of the sensory system, the brain, and the organs of the body.
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Figure 16.1 Initial distribution of opinions in the simulated group.
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from 24 C to 12 14 C until a water loss of 25% is obtained. In the central region of Turingia, a wide variety of fermented sausages has been produced for hundreds of years, among them Br twurst, which is made using nely minced pork, beef, or veal to which caraway, marjoram, and garlic are added. Teewurst, which originated during the nineteenth century in the Pomerania region, is a high-quality, spreadable sausage from pork meat with a high fat content (30% 40%) that is smoked and ripened. Feldkieker sausage, based on freshly slaughtered pork meat with the addition of syrup or honey and red wine, is ripened for 8 to 12 months and either air dried or smoked. In Southern Germany, mildly smoked and acid, welldried sausages are produced. Landj ger, typical of the Black Forest region, is a dry fermented sausage made of roughly equal amounts of pork and beef meat, spiced with pepper and cumin, and usually produced as links 15 to 20 cm in length and pressed before drying (14 16 C; weight loss of 35%) to give a rectangular cross section. Weisswurst (white sausage) is a typical Bavarian sausage made of nely minced veal meat. Most of these traditional German fermented meat products have acquired PGI status. Although they have several regional differences (meat type and seasonings), other popular sausage varieties within Germany include Schlackwurst, Metwurst, and Cervelatwurst. Metwurst are strongly avored sausages made from minced pork, cured and smoked, soft in the south and rmer in the north (Holsteiner sausage) due to longer smoking. Cervelatwurst, which has its origin in the Italian Milan-type sausage, is made of beef and pork meat, and has a ne particle size. Austria and Switzerland In these countries, fermented sausages are very similar to German salamis. However, a typical Austrian product is the square-shaped Kantwurst that is cured for 7 weeks, reaching
Given any number of points, it is impossible to guess where the next will appear except, of course, that it will be somewhere on the attractor. The points wander so randomly, the pattern appears so ethereally, that it is hard to remember that the shape is an attractor. It is not just any trajectory of a dynamical system. It is the trajectory toward which all other trajectories converge. That is why the choice of starting conditions does not matter. As long as the starting point lies somewhere near the attractor, the next few points will converge to the attractor with great rapidity. (p. 150)
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