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When working in the several disciplines of telecommunications, a clear understanding of the decibel (dB) is mandatory. The objective of this appendix is to facilitate this understanding and to encourage the reader to take advantage of this useful tool. The decibel relates to a ratio of two electrical quantities such as watts, volts, and amperes. If we pass a signal through some device, it will suffer a loss or achieve a gain. Such a device may be an attenuator, ampli er, mixer, transmission line, antenna, subscriber loop, trunk, or a telephone switch, among others. To simplify matters, let s call this generic device a network, which has an input port and an output port, as shown:
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5. Under Classi er, press Choose. 6. Select Classi ers Bayes Bayes Net from the navigation hierarchy. 7. Under Test options, specify Supplied training set. 8. Click Start. The results are reported in the Classi er output window. The classi cation accuracy for Bayes Net is 65% (13/20), which is identical to the results reported by naive Bayes. Again, let s evaluate our classi cation model using the data from movies test.arff, with the goal of determining the probabilities by which Bayes Net classi es these instances. 1. Under Test options, choose Supplied test set. Press the Set button. 2. Press Open le and specify the location of the test le, movies test.arff. 3. Under Test options, press the More options button. 4. Check the Output text predictions on the test set option. Click OK. 5. Under Result list, right-click the Bayes Net model from the list, and choose Re-evaluate model on the current test. Now the predictions for each instance, including their associated probability, are reported in the Classi er output window. For example, Bayes Net correctly classi ed instance 3 as pos, with probability 0.577, as shown in Table 5.9. Next, let s evaluate how Bayes Net made its classi cation decision for the third instance. First, recall the data set used to build our model, shown in Table 5.6. From here the prior probabilities for the attributes more, much, and other can be derived; for example, p(more = 1) = 17/20 and p(more = 0) = 3/20. In addition, to avoid zero-probability cells, Bayes Net uses a simple estimation method that adds 0.5 to each cell count. Using this information, the prior probability tables for the three parent nodes used in the network are shown in Table 5.10.
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Block Worms from Invading Your Computer
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Each action and method has a specific technique you can use to check data it has loaded. If you use the loadVariables or loadMovie action you can load information into a movie clip target and use the data event of the onClipEvent action to execute a script. If you use the loadVariables action to load the data, the onClipEvent(data) action executes when the last variable is loaded. If you use the loadMovie action to load the data, the onClipEvent(data) action executes each time a fragment of the movie is streamed into the Flash Player. For example, the following button action loads the variables from the file myData.txt into the movie clip loadTargetMC:
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The GPS system was also available to civilian users from the very beginning. Naturally, the rst community interested was the maritime one, for both professional and recreational purposes. The level of security provided by the availability of a much more accurate positioning system, compared to previous calculated locations, and using receivers of low price allowed the wide distribution of GPS technology on board recreational boats. Once again, the fact that GPS accuracy is less in vertical coordinates than in the horizontal plane is really of no importance for such applications. Furthermore, the Selective Availability, switched on during the rst years of GPS, was not a real handicap as it still remained more accurate than previously used techniques it was so much easier to obtain, and only had real limitations in very speci c cases. A typical example was when one wanted to enter the harbor just by using the automatic pilot driven directly by the output of a GPS receiver. Initially, there were at least two dif culties: the rst was related to GPS accuracy, and the second due to the accuracy of maritime maps and data available. In order to achieve such a performance, one needed to have data such as the channel dimensions and exact location, relative to the GPS referential. Neither was available at these early stages. Nevertheless, this rst obvious application eld was certainly almost the only one that could have been imagined at the start of the development of satellite-based positioning systems. The full story is far from this reduced set of applications, as described in the following sections. Typical maritime applications (see Fig. 11.1) include rescue and replenishment of off-shore platforms, cruising positioning, digging waterways, or positioning and monitoring of off-shore platforms.
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Common Language Runtime (CLR) Base Class Library (BCL) Common Language Speci cation (CLS) Common Type System (CTS) Intermediate Language (IL) Managed/Unmanaged Components Assemblies
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Special Assumptions for Special Analyses
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XValues or Values Select Case UCase(ValOrX) Case XVALUES Text between 1st and 2nd commas in SERIES Temp = Mid(Sf, Commas(1) + 1, Commas(2) Commas(1) - 1) Set GetChartRange = Range(Temp) Case VALUES Text between the 2nd and 3rd commas in SERIES Temp = Mid(Sf, Commas(2) + 1, Commas(3) Commas(2) - 1) Set GetChartRange = Range(Temp) End Select End Function
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Conceptual Issues
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6. Click the triangle to the right of the Location field and choose Target from the drop-down menu. 7. Select the 0 in the window to the right of the Location field and then click the Insert a Target Path button to open the Insert Target Path dialog box. 8. Click the button named target and then click OK to close the dialog box. 9. Click Actions Variables and then double-click set variable. Two parameter text boxes appear above the Script pane. 10. In the Variable field, type Name and in the Value field, type John Walker. Name is the variable assigned to the dynamic text box used to display the officer s name. When the button is clicked, text changes to reflect the new value of the variable. If for any reason you don t like the name John Walker, feel free to change it. However, Name needs to remain the same. 11. Repeat Step 10 to create a new variable named Title with a value of Chief Executive Officer. Your finished ActionScript should be identical to Figure 7-14. 12. Close the Actions panel and then choose Control Test Movie. When you click the CEO button, the ceo.jpg file loads into the target movie clip. 13. Choose File Publish, and Flash republishes the file to reflect the added ActionScript. Congratulations. Your movie is complete.
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5: Avoid Digital Dangers
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