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paper is published. Therefore, several years can elapse between the time a research project is submitted and when it is actually published. Authors are allowed to submit their research to only one professional journal at a time. Nor do they get paid for their article when it is accepted and published in a professional journal. In recent years, most professional journals have made great efforts to speed up the submission and review process. Many now allow electronic submission of articles and request faster electronic review of manuscripts by their consulting reviewers. While this peer review process has a number of disadvantages (e.g., the length of time for publication), advantages include careful review by experts in the field to maximize the chances that only high-quality and significant research is published. Although researchers are interested in learning more about their field of inquiry and sharing their findings with the professional community, regular publishing is generally expected and required for job retention (e.g., tenure) and promotion in academic, medical, and other settings. The well-known phrase publish or perish captures these publishing requirements and pressures. Of the numerous professional journals in clinical psychology, some are highly competitive, accepting few papers submitted to them by researchers; others are moderately competitive; and still others are fairly uncompetitive. The peer review process is also used for submissions to professional conferences. Most professional organizations at both the national and regional levels (e.g., American Psychological Association [APA], American Psychological Society, Western Psychological Association, New England Psychological Association, Society of Behavioral Medicine) hold a yearly conference for their members and others interested in the field. Papers, posters, and symposiums are presented over several days in various cities across the
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RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)
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Windows CE applications can include four types of menus: drop-down menus cascading menus scrolling menus pop-up menus Drop-down menus are the standard pull-down menus as shown in Figure 4.1. Cascading menus are menus that contain items that open menus of their own. An example is shown in Figure 4.2.
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