Part V Advanced Programming Techniques in Java

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all clinical psychologists include course work on the biological, social, cognitive, and individual influences on behavior as well as classes on research, statistics, ethics, assessment, and treatment. The core curriculum can then be applied, with additional specialty training, to various populations such as children and adults. Further training may be offered in many subspecialty areas. Although a core set of competencies are expected from all clinical psychologists, not all clinical psychologists are trained exactly alike. Many clinical psychologists ultimately specialize in one or more areas of research or practice. Just as medicine offers doctors various specialties such as pediatrics, oncology, psychiatry, internal medicine, and cardiology, there are many clinical psychology subspecialties. Some of the most common specialties include child clinical psychology, clinical health psychology, clinical neuropsychology, forensic psychology, and geropsychology. Furthermore, each specialty includes a variety of subspecialties. For example, child clinical psychologists might specialize in working with very young children or adolescents. Clinical health psychologists might choose to specialize in eating disorders, anxiety disorders, or pain disorders.
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researchers have found unique consequences of ambivalence (see the section on characteristics of attitudes later in this chapter). Reconciling the Unidimensional and Bidimensional Perspectives Despite the empirical support for the bidimensional view, it should be noted that most researchers have not examined the correlations between positivity and negativity while simultaneously controlling random and systematic measurement error. Failure to control for both sources of error can artifactually decrease the magnitude of the observed correlation (Green, Goldman, & Salovey, 1993), leaving the impression that the positive and negative dimensions are less strongly related than they actually are. Even if future evidence supports the bidimensional model, it is plausible that the unidimensional model and bidimensional model are valid at different psychological levels. For instance, the bidimensional model may apply to attitude formation, in which people perceive the attitude object on both positive and negative dimensions; these dimensions might then be integrated to form a single, unidimensional evaluation (see Cacioppo et al., 1997). Alternatively, the unidimensional model may lose predictive validity as knowledge about the attitude object becomes more complex, because it becomes dif cult to integrate the object s positive and negative attributes. Neither perspective on attitude dimensionality explicitly considers implications of the fact that people can be made aware of many different exemplars of the attitude object, in addition to many attributes of each exemplar (Lord & Lepper, 1999). For example, when thinking of their attitude toward cheese, people can imagine the most recent type of cheese that they ate (e.g., fresh brie vs. processed cheese slices). The reported attitude will depend on which exemplar is retrieved because different exemplars are often associated with different attributes and evaluations. Thus, it is likely that attitudes subsume many different exemplars of the attitude object in addition to the varied attributes of the exemplars. Alternative Attitude Measures Past researchers have most often measured attitudes using self-report scales. An important limitation of self-report scales is that they are affected by tendencies to respond in a socially desirable manner (Paulhus, 1991). For example, people might be reluctant to report prejudice against ethnic groups because of the social stigma attached to prejudicial attitudes.
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Part III Developing Document Structure with HTML 4
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Account Titles
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FIGURE 12-2: Lantronix WiMicro board, with WiPort attached
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(b) One-Way Operation
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ni cance test of adding the further speci cation. It does not have the problems of the signi cance test of residuals, wherein the test is of a null hypothesis. The difference in Table 6.9 is highly signi cant, showing the four-factor solution to be better signi cantly than the two-factor solution. But also note that, with the N of 1,105, even the four-factor model does not account for all the signi cant variance. No one has proposed more than four factors because they would be so small that they could not be interpreted. Although a chi-square test has been proposed for EFA, it has seldom been found to be useful. Size of the Residuals Because both EFA and CFA are to reduce the residuals to zero, measuring the size of the residuals is another method of evaluating the adequacy of the factor solution. There are two major approaches, one based on the residuals themselves and another based on the results when they are converted to partial correlations. The former is used with CCFA and the later with EFA. Two residual-based tests are given in Table 6.9 for the WAIS-III analyses. RMS can be interpreted as root mean square because it is, roughly, the square root of the mean of the squared residuals. Two varieties of this criterion are in the table (Steiger & Lind, 1980); as can be seen, they generally proceed in the same direction because both are related to the same residuals. By these, it can be seen that the two additional factors do reduce the residuals. (Bentler & Bonett, 1980 give another set of useful indices for CCFA; for overviews of the many indices available for CCFA, see Bentler, 1989.) An index of the residuals in EFA is Velicer s MAP (minimum averaged partial). Instead of using the residuals, MAP standardizes the residuals by converting them to partial correlations by dividing by the variances of the two variables involved (the residuals are the variances and covariances with the factors partialled out). These are then, in the original MAP, squared and averaged. The logic is that each factor that accounts for covariation among the variables will reduce the residual covariances. As long as the main diagonal elements remain relatively stable, then each factor extracted will lower the averaged partial. But when a factor is extracted that is based less on the covariances, then it will be more speci c to one variable and lower the variance (in the main diagonal) of that variable. Because this is divided into the residual covariance, dropping the variance without dropping the covariance increases the partial correlations for that variable. So the minimum averaged partial is used for the number of factors. Minor shifts in MAP suggest that two
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To delete a custom toolbar, use the Delete method of the CommandBar object. You can refer to the object by its index number (if you know it) or its name. The following instruction deletes the toolbar named MyToolbar:
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In the sample movie zapper.swf, which you can view in Flash Help,when a user drags the bug to the electrical outlet the bug falls and the outlet shakes. The main Timeline has only one frame and contains three objects: the ladybug, the outlet, and a reset button.Each of these objects is a movie clip instance. The bug and zapper movie clip instances on the Stage in frame 1 There is one script in the movie; it s attached to the bug instance, as in the Actions panel below:
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13Remember, for any number divided by zero, the result is in nity. 14Called echo return loss (ERL) in North America, but with a slightly different de nition. 15Recognize this as the CCITT de nition of the standard analog voice channel. 16From the point of view of stability for this discussion, it may be called from the point of view
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The auto clubs AAA (American Automobile Association) being the best known and private gasoline companies offer their members immediate cash advances in case of an emergency. Again, a listing of phone numbers of auto clubs for guest use not only helps the guest but ensures the lodging establishment that it will be paid. The method of payment in the end can affect your bottom line. The preapproval criterion for credit-card and debit-card holders is an important requirement when a hotel is extending credit to a guest from check-in to checkout. The discount rate charged by the issuing agency, which takes a percentage of the gross charges, affects the income statement as well. It is also important, however, to show concern for the guest whose luck has taken a turn for the worse (serious accident, theft, unexpected illness, etc.). The front of ce should be equipped to offer information on alternatives such as auto clubs and money wires, which can be perceived as a display of genuine hospitality.
the joint distribution and the product distribution p(x)p(y): I (X; Y ) =
It s easy to confuse Java and JavaScript after all, they appear to be closely related. Although JavaScript bases its syntax and structure on Java, the two languages are quite independent of each other and serve completely different purposes. Java is the product of Sun Microsystems, which created it as a cross-platform, objectoriented programming language. JavaScript is a product of Netscape, which developed it to enable Web developers to add programming functionality to Web pages.
Listing 11-1: RoombaCommTCPClient
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