Creating and Using Add-Ins in Java

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16 Creating Flash Eye Candy
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mates, poor competition performances, and problems with her grades as primary concerns. She becomes tearful while talking and states, I don t know how long I can keep going with all these terrible things happening. You receive a phone call from a parent who is concerned that her daughter is losing too much weight and putting too much pressure on herself in pursuing her goal to become an accomplished diver. She goes on to explain that her daughter has had a lifelong struggle to keep her weight under control but that she now looks too thin. You sit down to a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday morning, open the local paper, turn to the sports page, and read about a collegiate football player at the university where you are on the faculty and where you provide consultation to the athletic department. The athlete was arrested the night before at a local bar for his involvement in a fight. The article goes on to explain that he has had similar problems previously and may be suspended from the team indefinitely. Upon arriving at the office the next morning, you notice two messages from your primary contact with the football team asking you to call immediately. You are meeting with a self-referred tennis player who has joined a professional tour after an exceptional college career. Despite all of his previous competitive success, he indicates that he is struggling with his transition to the professional ranks. He describes episodes prior to matches where he is tense, irritable, shaking, and unable to calm himself. He also indicates that he has had restless sleep for the past several weeks, ruminating about his difficulties in adjusting to the professional tour. These scenarios could certainly be a part of the daily routine of a sport psychology consultant. The circumstances described in each scenario may be suggestive of some type of mental disorder, but this determination is dependent on further evaluation by an appropriate professional. A perusal of the mass media also suggests that athletes are not immune to mental disorders (Lapchick, 2003; Olson, 2003). Although sport psychology consultants vary in their comfort level in handling these types of difficult situations, it is imperative that all consultants be educated to deal with them either by way of direct treatment or appropriate referral. A Working Definition of Psychopathology A thorough discussion of psychopathology is obviously beyond the scope of this chapter. However, in this section
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^ where gi, k [ @fi (u ), a is a small positive step size, and k is the iteration number. In ref. [34], Eq. (15.1) is solved with a decentralized incremental approach by dividing Eq. (15.2) into a cycle of n subiterations. The ith subiteration focuses on optimizing a single component, fi (u), at a node i based on its local data. Just a with PEGASIS, the task of subiterations is rotated hop by hop in a chain. The subiteration starts from a node 1, which inherits the estimation result from the previous iteration, (k) ^ (k 1) , where w(k) is the result of the ith subiteration within the kth iteration. w0 u i The sensor i updates the result of the aggregation that it receives from the previous hop, sensor i 1, as follows:
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Unit backoff period Basic superframe slot (SO=0) Basic superframe length (SO=0) (Extended) superframe duration, SD Beacon interval, BI
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Figure 5-10
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