Part V Advanced Programming Techniques in Java

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As you probably guessed from the title of this book, the primary tool you use to create your Web site is HTML 4. So what is HTML anyway Simply put, HyperText Markup Language is a set of rules for marking up text so a browser knows what to do with that text. Do you want to see some HTML right now While browsing any page on the Web, select View Source or View Document Source from the View menu at the top of your screen. Just in case you re not currently online, here is some HTML from the IDG Books Worldwide Web site.
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Deadbolt Your Data Encryption Software Windows Encryption (XP Pro and Windows 2000 only) Encrypt a File Encrypt a Folder Give Encryption Permission (Windows XP Pro only) Encryption Tips (Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 only) Encrypt the Temp Folder Encrypt Of ine Files (Windows XP Pro only) Steganography
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The Social Self
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Unhide File Extensions
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The management of short-term memory is critical in the real-time learning processes we are using in the MDB, because the quality of the learned models depends on what is stored in this memory and the way it changes. On the other hand, long-term memory is necessary if model knowledge is to be stored. As this chapter is aimed at describing the application of evolutionary algorithms to the creation of cognitive models for lifelong learning, and the mechanisms governing STM and LTM are not evolutionary, we will not dwell too much on the details of short- and long-term memory and will just provide an overview of their participation in the MDB. The STM stores action perception pairs that are taken as the input and target values for the evolution of the world, internal, and satisfaction models. The data stored in the STM are acquired in real time as the system interacts with the environment; obviously, it is not practical or even useful to store all the samples acquired in the agent s lifetime. A dynamic replacement strategy was designed that labels the samples using four basic features (distance, complexity, initial relevance, and time) related to saliency of the data and their temporal relevance. These four terms are weighted and, depending on the storage policy (depending on the motivation), the information stored in the STM may be different. For example, while the agent is exploring the environment or wandering (the motivation could be just to explore), we would like the STM to store the most general and salient information of the environment, and not necessarily the most recent. This can be achieved by simply adjusting the parameters of the replacement strategy. Details about the management strategy for the STM can be found in [20]. Long-term memory is a higher-level memory element, because it stores information obtained after the analysis of the real data stored in the STM. From an operational point of view, the LTM stores the knowledge acquired by the agent during its lifetime. This knowledge is represented in the MDB as models (world, internal, and satisfaction models) and their context. Thus, the LTM stores the models that were classi ed by the agent as relevant in certain situations (context) and stores a representation of the context by storing the contents of the STM in a given instant of time for that model. As an initial approach we have considered that a model must be stored in the LTM if it predicts the contents of the STM with high accuracy during an extended period of time. From a practical point of view, the introduction of the LTM in the MDB avoids the need of relearning the models in a problem with a real agent in a dynamic situation every time the agent changes into different states (different environments or different operational schemes). The models stored in the LTM in a given instant of time are introduced
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Part I Starting to Use Gmail
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Figure 17.14 Contention-free assignment under the TDMA-over-CDMA model.
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Proteinase K Solution
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