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Figure 6.30 S-parameter S11 comparison as a function of frequency for a SiGeC HBT device before and after ESD HBM stress
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sponding face, then counting the average number of edges on a face of a planar graph can be done as follows. Let N, F, and E be the number of nodes, faces, and edges of a planar graph, respectively. The well-known Euler formula is F E N 2. Let S be average number of edges on a face. Since each edge is counted twice (whether or not it belongs to same or two different faces), we have FS 2E. Thus S 2E=F, or S 2E=(E N 2). 10.5.5 Delaunay Triangulation and Partial Delaunay Triangulation
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15 MythTV Look, Sound, and Feel
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Coordinates 53.33 N 9.90 W
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var title = getElementTextNS( itms , var artist = getElementTextNS( itms , var song = getElementTextNS( itms , var songLink = getElementTextNS( itms , var albumLink = getElementTextNS( itms , var artistLink = getElementTextNS( itms , var songLink = getElementTextNS( itms ,
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Starting at a point halfway across the badge, create the path by drawing four diagonal lines. Note that you actually only draw three of the diagonals, calling lineToPoint: for each. The final diagonal segment comes automatically when you call closePath, which adds a line from the current point to the path s starting point.
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IMG.icon { float: left; } P { margin-left: 15px; }
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than the simple count. When such a proportion is computed and converted to a logit, the logit-H variable becomes very well behaved and leads to much clearer patterns of data and residuals. The revised scatter plot matrix for these variables is presented in Figure 2.16. As the reader may see, a dramatic improvement in the distributional characteristics has been obtained. Although some researchers may reject the notion of reexpression as tinkering with the data, our experience has been that this view is primarily a result of lack of experience with the new scales. In fact, in many instances individuals often use scale reexpressions with little thought. For example, the common practice of using a proportion is seldom questioned, nor is the more common reexpression to z scores. In daily language many people have begun to use the log10
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Text areas are easy to create. To define one that has 4 visible rows that are 60 columns wide, with the initial text Enter your comments here, you would use the following HTML:
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The Calculation property is a member of the Application object. Therefore, the calculation mode affects all workbooks. It is not possible to set the calculation mode for only one workbook. Excel 2000 provides a new Worksheet object property: EnableCalculation. When this property is False, the worksheet will not be calculated, even if the user requests a calculation. Setting the property to True will cause the sheet to be calculated.
Table 26.1
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