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Figure 4-11: Hierarchical directory structure with one directory per page
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Resetting a built-in toolbar
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The parenthetical t in the predictor ALCOHOL(t) indicates that the values of this predictor may vary over time. Unit differences in ALCOHOL correspond to shifts in the loghazard pro le of 2 . Although the values of the predictor ALCOHOL may differ over time, each one-unit difference anywhere produces the same shift of 2 in the appropriate part of the log-hazard pro le. So although the model includes a time-varying predictor, the per-unit effect of that predictor on log hazard is constant over time. Another way to understand the effects of time-varying predictors is to regard the outcome in Equation 22.2 the log-hazard pro le conceptually as a temporally sequenced list (a vector) of marijuana initiation risks. The predictors also can be viewed as an ordered list of values that for each person describe the values of FEMALE and ALCOHOL over time. Each element in the hazard list corresponds to an element in each predictor s list. For a time-invariant predictor, such as FEMALE, all elements in each person s predictor list are identical: 1 for each girl, 0 for each boy. In contrast, for a
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B M algorithm table, Example 5.6
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Interpersonal Skills
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Calculation of isotropic receive level (IRL). The IRL is the RF power level impinging on the receive antenna. It would be the power we would measure at the base of an isotropic receive antenna. IRLdBW EIRPdBW path lossdB . (9.6)
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Appendix E What s on the CD-ROM
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Eating Disorders in Sport
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