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The last mile or last 100 feet in the cable television (CATV) plant; and As an RF transmission for short distances. It is being replaced in the enterprise network with high-quality twisted pair and ber optic connectivities. Certainly in the long-distance network, the ber optic solution is far superior in nearly every respect. In the next section we provide a brief review of coaxial cable systems.
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4.6.3 RF CMOS Distributed RF ESD Networks Using Series Inductor and MOSFET Parallel Shunt
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More generally, we can de ne mutual information in terms of nite partitions of the range of the random variable. Let X be the range of a random variable X. A partition P of X is a nite collection of disjoint sets Pi such that i Pi = X. The quantization of X by P (denoted [X]P ) is the discrete random variable de ned by Pr([X]P = i) = Pr(X Pi ) = dF (x).
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An Example of Total Quality Management in a Hotel
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of fundamental parameters for aerosol formation, such as VOC/NO X ratios, temperature and humidity.
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nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The organism is under control in many industrialized countries; however, it is still a very important waterborne disease in places with poor sanitary conditions. The classical work of John Snow in 1854 showed the transmission of V. cholerae through poorly designed water-delivery systems in London. His work led to the development of much improved water-delivery systems and water-treatment systems by public health of cial and environmental engineers in developed countries around the world. In the United States in 2002, there was one outbreak, two cases, and no deaths reported. The appearance of V. cholerae in industrialized countries often causes panic, since this organism has the potential to start a pandemic infection. It is a Gram-negative, curved rod that looks like a comma under the microscope; thus, the original name of V. comma. No spore is formed. V. cholerae grows well in alkaline medium and is actively motile with a single polar agellum. The organism is endemic in India and Southeast Asia, and is spread by person-toperson contact, water, milk, food, and insects. The organism produces enterotoxins and endotoxins in the intestines and causes severe irritation to the mucous membranes, with resultant out ow of uid and salts, and impairs the sodium pump of mammalian cells, thus causing severe diarrhea, dehydration, acidosis, shock, and even death. The mortality rate may be as high as 25% to 50%. The most effective therapy is replacement of water and electrolytes to correct severe dehydration and salt depletion. Vibrio cholerae remains a dreaded communicable disease in many parts of the world, and much education and public health work needs to be done to reduce human suffering from this organism. Besides conventional biochemical tests, currently there are immunologic and DNA probes and PCR methods for rapid detection of this organism.
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example, Bargh et al. showed that activating stereotypes about elderly persons resulted in slower rates of walking. Similarly, Chen and Bargh (1997) showed that subliminal presentation of African American (as compared with European American) faces resulted in more hostile behavior in a subsequent verbal game played with an unprimed partner. Moreover, the unprimed partner s behavior also became more hostile as a consequence, showing that self-ful lling prophecies can emerge in a very automatic manner even when participants are unaware that stereotypical concepts have even been activated and have formed no conscious intention to act in a manner consistent with these concepts. Although the precise mechanisms responsible for these fascinating effects have not been isolated, the very existence of the phenomenon provides a potent demonstration of the potential automaticity of not only social thought, but also interpersonal interaction. A principal advantage of automatic reactions lies in the fact that they are largely not dependent on the availability of processing resources. Because of the great ef ciency with which they unfold, automatic processes do not require much investment of attentional capacity or perceiver motivation. Whereas novice drivers can nd it harrowing to coordinate all of the requisite activities (shifting gears, monitoring traf c, steering, braking, etc.), after the process has been automated, not only can these tasks be easily performed, but the driver may also have suf cient reserve capacity available for singing along with the stereo or engaging in mobile phone conversations. Empirical con rmation of the resourceconserving properties of automatic mental processes was provided in a series of experiments by Macrae, Milne, and Bodenhausen (1994). In one of their studies, they asked participants to engage in two tasks simultaneously: a visual impression-formation task that involved reading personality descriptions of four different persons, and an audio task that involved listening to a description of the geography and economy of Indonesia. For half of the participants, stereotypes were activated in the impression-formation task (by providing information about a social group to which each target belonged). Some of the personality information was consistent with stereotypes about the relevant group, and the rest was irrelevant to such stereotypes. One might expect that giving these participants an additional piece of information to integrate would simply make their task all that much harder but in fact, the introduction of the stereotype provided a framework that participants could spontaneously use to organize their impressions, making the process of impression formation much more automatic and ef cient. As a consequence, participants who knew about the group memberships of the social targets not only recalled more information about the targets (as revealed in a free recall measure), they also learned
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To save a Flash document:
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