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shorted). In this application, the GaAs HBT-based diode back-to-back diode string is con gured with the emitter base junction. The advantages of an emitter base HBT back-to-back diode string are the following:  Low Capacitance: Small emitter base region allows for low capacitive coupling between power supplies (e.g., when used between two ground rails such as RF VSS and digital VSS .  Noise Isolation: GaAs HBT base emitter junction isolates from the substrate when the collector regions are electrically connected (note: in the present gure, the base collector is shown to be electrically connected). In Figure 7.5, the transmission line pulse (TLP) I V characteristic is shown for a GaAs HBT-based emitter base diode string network. The TLP test system was a 50  commercial TLP system and the pulse waveform was 100 ns pulse width. From the TLP I V characteristic, it was observed that the turn-on of the GaAs HBT E B diode string occurred after the sum of the GaAs emitter base forward voltages. The GaAs HBT device has a linear dynamic on-resistance until current saturation occurs at high current; this is followed by a negative resistance region at avalanche breakdown. From the leakage measurements, it was noted that the failure of the GaAs HBT diode string occurred at the negative resistance transition. The RF ESD design practices are as follows:  GaAs HBT-based emitter base diode string structures can be utilized for back-to-back diode string implementations between RF, analog, and digital sections to minimize capacitance coupling between the rails.
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con ict between core American values, on one hand, and a desire to avoid appearing prejudiced, on the other. For prejudiced White persons, on the other hand, the cultural stereotype of Blacks and their personal beliefs about them are congruent with one another. Because they do not con ict, there would be little need for them to censor their negative personal beliefs concerning Black people. Thus, according to the dissociation model, White persons varying in prejudice toward Black people should differ on cognitive tasks involving controlled processing but not on tasks involving automatic processing. Devine (1989) supported her dissociation model with three studies, in which the MRS served as the measure used to de ne high versus low levels of prejudice in White participants. One study demonstrated that on an open-ended measure, both high- and low-prejudice White participants listed very similar characteristics, and predominantly negative ones, when asked to describe the cultural stereotype of Black people an effect since replicated by other investigators in the United States and the United Kingdom (e.g., Lepore & Brown, 1997). Another study deployed a controlled processing task by giving participants ample time to list alternative labels for Black Americans and then asking them to list all of their thoughts in response to this label. Thoughts on this listing task were categorized by judges as being positive beliefs, negative beliefs, or traits. Highly prejudiced White participants listed negative traits most often, while less prejudiced ones were more likely to list thoughts re ecting positive beliefs uncontroverisal and unsurprising results. In what has since become a more controversial study, however, Devine (1989) also compared reactions of White persons varying in prejudice on an automatic processing task in which participants were subliminally presented with word primes parafoveally (i.e., outside the central visual eld) while performing a perceptual vigilance task. Word primes were related to the Black stereotype either 20% or 80% of the time and included reference both to the category Blacks and to stereotypic traits for Black Americans (e.g., lazy, poor, oppressed, etc.). Following this automatic processing task in which participants had been primed to varying extent with racially relevant stimuli, they read an ambiguous story about a male person of unspeci ed race performing various assertive behaviors and then rendered their impressions of him. As predicted by the dissociation model, impressions of the stimulus person were affected by the automatic processing task in that attributions of hostility were more likely when primes from the preceding automatic processing task had been proportionally more stereotypically oriented (i.e., in the
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They are far more dif cult to implement than the techniques which yield equivalent measurements below the water table, and their successful use demands continuous labour by teams of highly skilled technicians.
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Some actions are commonly assigned to the first frame of a movie for example, actions that define functions and set variables that create the initial state of your movie. In general, you can assign to the first frame any action you want to execute right as the movie starts. For more information about the order in which actions are executed, see Controlling when ActionScript runs on page 207. It s a good idea to place all frame actions in a layer named Actions; that way, you can always find the actions in the Timeline. Once you ve assigned an action, test the movie to see whether it works. The following instructions describe how to assign frame actions using the Actions panel in normal mode.
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Most formulas reference one or more cells. This reference can be made by using the cell s or range s address or name (if it has one). Cell references come in four styles: Relative. The reference is fully relative. When the formula is copied, the cell reference adjusts to its new location. Example: A1. Absolute. The reference is fully absolute. When the formula is copied, the cell reference does not change. Example: $A$1. Row Absolute. The reference is partially absolute. When the formula is copied, the column part adjusts, but the row part does not change. Example: A$1. Column Absolute. The reference is partially absolute. When the formula is copied, the row part adjusts, but the column part does not change. Example: $A1. By default, all cell and range references are relative. To change a reference, you must manually add the dollar signs. Or, when editing a cell in the formula bar, move the cursor to a cell address and press F4 repeatedly to cycle through all four types of cell referencing.
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