Working with Charts in Java

Development PDF 417 in Java Working with Charts

Figure C.1
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The preceding discussion has concerned only the determination of T or K. The other key aquifer parameter is the storativity (or speci c yield in uncon ned aquifers). It is possible to directly determine S values using test pumping analysis methods. This can only be done where time drawdown data have been obtained from an observation well; analysis of data from a pumping well will yield highly misleading S values due to the combined in uence of well bore storage effects and deviations from laminar ow conditions near and within the pumping well. If T has been calculated using the Jacob method, S can be calculated as explained in Box 3.3. Where test pumping data are not available, storativity is best estimated from geological information (see Younger 1993).
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If you use Excel 2002, you can take advantage of a new feature in the Page Setup dialog box. When this dialog is displayed, click the Header/Footer tab and click Custom Header. You ll find a new icon that inserts the code to print the full path and filename of the workbook. Note, however, that if the workbook has not been saved, the path name may be incorrect (it uses the default workbook path).
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Even though the Roomba s sensors are primitive, they can be put to some interesting uses. These uses need not be vacuum-related or even robotics-related. The cliff sensors are one of the best examples of this, becoming non-contact proximity sensors for hands or other movable objects when Roomba is turned upside down. While upside down, the wheeldrop sensors become buttons to trigger actions. You could even turn the wheels when upside down and register the movement as a variable function. By combining the sensors into more complex aggregations, you can create a novel way to measure something Roomba normally cannot measure. Combining cliff and wheeldrop sensors gives a sense of tilt, but you can imagine other combinations as well. Perhaps a combination of buttons and driving motor over-current sensor could make a weight sensor and turn Roomba into a scale. Or using the distance and angle sensors and a little calibration could yield a Roomba yardstick. Try making Roomba a DJ input device and scratch audio files with it by rotating it back and forth like a record. The number of possible sensor combinations is huge and many of them produce useful results. Even those that produce non-optimal results are fun and instructive.
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As you know, the Internet is a dynamic entity that tends to change rapidly. Web sites are often reorganized (especially those at the domain). Therefore, a particular URL listed in this appendix may not be available when you try to access it. Each URL was accurate at the time of this writing, but it s possible that a URL may have changed by the time you read this.
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Figure 6.18 Policy update on Trust Engines using the PDW.
I ve used VBA to create several custom functions. I like to use these functions in my worksheet formulas, but I find it inconvenient to precede the function name with the workbook name. Is there any way around this
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