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Certification laws control the use of the word psychologist such that only those who meet legal state standards are allowed to call themselves or represent themselves to the public as psychologists. While certification laws protect the title psychologist from being misused, certification laws do not impact the practice of psychological services. Licensing laws are more restrictive than certification laws. In addition to protection of the title psychologist, licensing laws provide guidelines and restrictions in defining what constitutes the practice of psychological services. Almost all licensing laws provide a generic license for psychologists without acknowledgment or restrictions on specialty or subspecialty (e.g., child clinical psychology, neuropsychology, clinical health psychology, counseling psychology). Therefore, contrary to what many believe, states do not generally recognize or have a specific license available for clinical psychologists separate from other practicing psychologists (e.g., counseling psychologists). In fact, in many states, such as California, it is not permissible to advertise to the public as a clinical psychologist or a licensed clinical psychologist because the state does not issue specialty licenses. Since the certification and licensing processes are conducted at the state level, each state develops its own laws and procedures. However, since 1955, the APA has offered states a set of guidelines now called the Model Act for State Licensure of Psychologists (APA, 1955, 1967, 1987b) which outlines suggested rules and regulations for state licensing. The Model Act includes minimum educational requirements as well as guidelines concerning the suspension and revocation of licenses. While state licensing boards are not required to use the Model Act, the vast majority of states do in fact use the APA document in drafting state licensing laws and regulations. Because most states maintain licensing laws rather than certification laws, licensing laws will be highlighted here. First, an application
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in Figure 1-1. The fth layer contains end-o ce switches called CLASS-5 switches; examples are Lucent s 5ESSS, Nortel s DMS-100, and Siemens EWSD. These switches provide connectivity to the end users via POTS or a black phone over the local copper plant or loop. In the United States, the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) such Verizon, Bell-South, SBC, and Qwest provide traditional POTS service to the residential and business customers (or users) in di erent local access and transport areas (LATAs). Implementation of VoIP for CLASS-5 switch replacement for intra-LATA communication would require a breakdown of the PSTN switching system in a fashion similar to breaking down the mainframe computing model into a PCbased computing model. Therefore, one needs to think in terms of distributed implementation of control of call, service, and information transmission. Services that are hosted in the mainframe computer or in the CLASS-5 switches could be gradually migrated to server-based platforms and could be made available to end users inexpensively over IP-based networks. VoIP can be implemented for inter-LATA (CLASS-4) and long-distance (both national and international, CLASS-3, -2, and -1) transmission of the voice signal as well. Figure 1-2 shows an implementation of long-distance voice transmission using the IP network for domestic long-distance services, assuming that the same company is allowed to o er both local and long-distance services in the LATAs that are being interconnected by an IP network. Here the network access from the terminal device (e.g., a black phone) can still be provided by a traditional CLASS-5 switch, but the inter-LATA transmission of a voice signal is o ered over an IP network. The resulting architecture demands VoIP GWs to convert the TDM-formatted voice signal into IP packets at the ingress and vice versa at the egress. The VoIP GK controls call authentication, billing, and routing on the basis of the called phone number (E.164 address) and the IP address of the terminating VoIP GK. This is a classical implementation of VoIP service using the International Telecommunications Union s (ITU-T s) H.323 [4] umbrella protocols. The same architecture can be utilized or extended for international VoIP services, except that now the calloriginating and call-terminating VoIP GWs would be located in two countries. Di erent countries usually deploy di erent voice signal companding schemes, use di erent formatting of voice signal compression mechanisms, and prefer di erent kinds of coding of signaling messages [5]. Therefore, the details of this type of design need to be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis.
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Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows. Click Shut Down. In the drop-down menu, select Log Off.
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interference mitigation in order to achieve the performance requirements expected by the scheme. Intradomain Optimization with Ie. Figure 2.8 presents the total system cost of the intrajWPAN scheme. The solid line represents the sum of Fintra( |WPAN) for each domain, where Fintra( |(No WPAN)) is obtained through (2.1). Similar to the above case, we incorporate the impact of interdomain interference into the optimal cost provided by the intrajWPAN scheme and show through the dashed line the actual cost the system should pay in order to achieve the expected performance. Figures 2.7 and 2.8 tell us that independent resource optimization inside each domain cannot handle interdomain interactions. If the system does not spend extra resources to reduce the effect from interdomain interference, the communication quality will be lowered and the overall system resource utilization is not minimized for the offered traf c Interdomain Optimization without Ie. Next, we present the performance of resource management when taking into account the cochannel interference from other colocated WLANs. Figure 2.9 plots the total system cost of the interj(No WPAN) scheme in the solid line and the reevaluated data by incorporating the impact of interference from colocated WPANs in the dashed line. It is observed from the gure that the gap between the two lines is smaller than those in Figs. 2.7 and 2.8. The optimization control decisions made by the interj(No WPAN) scheme are based on not only the cell utilization
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Figure 1-7
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The regression equation is Rating = 50.4 + 1.45 shelf 1 + 3.83 shelf 2 + 3.09 Fiber - 2.30 Sugars Predictor Constant shelf 1 shelf 2 Fiber Sugars Coef 50.433 1.446 3.828 3.0856 -2.2954 SE Coef 1.888 1.806 1.908 0.3256 0.1749 T 26.71 0.80 2.01 9.48 -13.12 P 0.000 0.426 0.049 0.000 0.000
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When PCM signals are transmitted to the cable plant, they are in the bipolar mode, as illustrated in Figure 6.10. The marks or 1s have only a 50% duty cycle. There are some advantages to this mode of transmission.
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