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cognitions, (b) environmental values, attitudes, and assessment, and (c) behavioral issues. It studies these processes in relation to the environmental settings and situations in which they occur. For instance, environmental perceptions are not typically studied with the aim of identifying general laws concerning different aspects of the perceived object. Environmental perception deals with built or natural landscape perception with an emphasis on sites treated as entities (Ittelson, 1973); the perceiver is considered part of the scene and projects onto it his or her aspirations and goals, which will have an aesthetic dimension as well as a utilitarian function. The question the perceiver asks in appraising a landscape is not just Do I like the appearance of this landscape but also What can this landscape do for me (i.e., what function does it serve) (Lee, 2001). Likewise, interpersonal behavior within an environmental psychology context is studied in order that we might better understand how environmental settings in uence these relationships (e.g., urban constraints on the frequency of relational behavior with friends or relatives; Moser, 1992). Because of its very focus, environmental psychology has been and remains above all a psychology of space to the extent that it analyzes individuals and communities perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors in explicit relation to the physical and social contexts within which people and communities exist. Notions of space and place occupy a central position. The discipline operates, then, at several levels of spatial reference, enabling the investigation of people-environment interactions (at the individual, group, or societal level) at each level. Reference to the spatial dimension makes it possible to take into account different levels of analysis: 1. Private spaces (individual level): personal and private space, dwelling, housing, workplace, of ce 2. Public/private environments (neighborhood-community level): semipublic spaces, blocks of ats, the neighborhood, parks, green spaces 3. Public environments (individual-community level, inhabitants): involving both built spaces (villages, towns, cities) as well as the natural environment (the countryside, landscape, etc.) 4. The global environment (societal level): the environment in its totality, both the built and the natural environment, natural resources Environmental psychology analyzes and characterizes people-environment interactions and/or transactions at these different environmental levels. These relations can best be
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days Treatment control 400 MPa 600 MPa 800 MPa 0 54.3 53.3 53.0 52.3 7 nitrite (mg/kg) 47.1 46.4 44.8 44.7 39.3 37.7 37.2 37.7 15.15 15.8 16.15 17.5 21 0 7 nitrate (mg/kg) 19.5 22 23.85 23.95 26.2 26.95 29.1 26.6 21 0 69.45 69.05 69.1 69.75 7 66.55 68.4 68.65 68.65 21 65.5 64.6 66.25 64.25 nitrite + nitrate (mg/kg)
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explanations of mental illness and cruel mistreatment of the mentally ill can be traced primarily to textbooks of psychiatry that promulgated the value of Freudian ideas. The claim that during the fteenth century the mentally ill were placed on ships of fools and sent out to sea derives from Michel Foucault s, Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason (1961/1965). Foucault presented his speculations about the historical treatment of the mentally ill to illustrate his conjecture that, in order to de ne themselves, the dominant group in a culture must exclude others who do not share the aspects they consider most important, reason, in the case of the mentally ill. The ctitious nature of Foucault s ship of fools has been thoroughly demonstrated (Maher & Maher, 1982). No documentary evidence records prehistoric belief systems; nevertheless, the lack of evidence has not deterred writers of the history of psychopathology from making assertions about the beliefs held by prehistoric peoples regarding the cause and treatment of mental illness. Many such histories open with the statement that prehistoric man believed that deviant behavior was caused by demon-possession and so cut a hole in the skull of a mentally ill person in order to let the demon escape. A photograph of a prehistoric skull with a roughly circular hole in it is presented as evidence for this allegation. This popular myth of the trephined (or trepanned) skull has in it all of the elements of guesswork plus ignorance and indifference to actual evidence that characterize such myths. Archaeologists have unearthed a large number of such skulls and dated them to the Neolithic period. The holes in the skulls are usually symmetrical and are thought to have been intentionally incised by the surgical technique of trepanning. Thickening of the bone around the margins of the holes in many of these skulls suggests healing and that the patient survived the operation for some time. We do not know the mental state of the patient and no direct evidence explains why the hole was cut. (See MacCurdy (1924) for more on trephining.) Although we cannot prove wrong the assertion made about the trepanned skulls, neither can we prove it correct. It is based on an a priori assumption about prehistoric man rst advanced by the French neurologist, Paul Broca (1824 1880), when Neolithic trepanned skulls were found in the 1870s. Broca felt that primitive man had made these holes in skulls in order to liberate evil spirits who might be causing headaches or epilepsy (Ackerknecht, 1982, pp. 8 9). It is likely that Broca was in uenced by a widely accepted theory of stages advanced by Auguste Comte (1798 1857), the French philosopher/sociologist who founded the school of positivism. Comte (1830 1842),
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jectory tend to experience positive physical and psychosocial outcomes (e.g., physical health, sport enjoyment; Korell & C t , 2005); however, more studies are needed that directly measure the physical and psychosocial outcomes of elite performers who sampled in their early years in sport. Elite Performance through Early Specialization In sports where peak performance is achieved before puberty (e.g., women s gymnastics, figure skating), early specialization is often necessary to reach elite performance. Several studies support early specialization as a suitable
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Health is a respected review of health psychology and since 1985 has been the leading European journal. The establishment of the Journal of Health Psychology in 1996 has encouraged an interdisciplinary and international orientation to the eld and created a forum for new methods and theories, discussions, and debate, including critical approaches. Another journal, Psychology, Health & Medicine has focused on psychological care for medical problems. Other journals that publish papers in this eld are the International Journal of Behavioural Medicine and Social Science & Medicine. Several other academic journals focus on health psychology at a national level (e.g., British Journal of Health Psychology, Gedrag & Gezondheid: Tijdschrift voor Psychologie en Gezondheid, Revista de Psicologia de la Salud, Zeitschrift far Gesundheitpsychologie). As in the United States and Europe, psychological associations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere have boards, divisions, or branches specializing in health psychology and research and professional work in the eld are expanding rapidly. In the light of these developments, it can be seen that health psychology is one of the most vibrant and dynamic elds in Western psychology. As health psychology progresses from a research eld to health service delivery, it is inevitable that professional and ethical issues are at the forefront of discussion within the major psychological associations. This chapter re ects the principle focus of this discussion that is on education and training.
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1. Explain your understanding of a mission statement and state four purposes that it can serve. 2. Briefly describe your understanding of the meaning of financial management. 3. Explain how you think a small restaurant operation can practice good financial management. 4. What is your understanding of the term satisficing 5. In what way might a policy to pay no dividends affect a hotel corporation s market price of shares If the policy were to pay out all net income in dividends, how might this affect the company s future net income How might this affect the future share price 6. Explain why wealth maximization, as indicated by market price of shares, may not be achieved by profit maximization. 7. Would the objective of no net income for a certain period (e.g., three years) be consistent with the goal of wealth maximization Explain. 8. What is a secondary goal Give an example that might be appropriate for the housekeeping department of a hotel. 9. Define MBO and explain how it is used in an organization. What is goal congruence, and how does it fit in with MBO 10. Explain why a resort hotel that is the only one in the area would or would not be likely to practice social responsibility. Do you think such a resort hotel might act differently if it were only one of a number of competitive hotels in that area Explain. 11. Discuss the need for an action plan to achieve goals and differentiate between strategies and tactics. 12. What are the four steps in the decision-making process 13. Discuss how you think an information system should be judged for quality. 14. What are the main criteria for information so it is useful in the decisionmaking process 15. Define management by exception and give an example of a circumstance where it might be used. 16. Briefly discuss two ways in which the effectiveness of a management information system can be determined.
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Theoretically, items that may affect the decision of a user of financial information are considered important and material and must be reported in a correct way. The materiality concept allows immaterial small dollar amount items to be treated in an expedient although incorrect manner. In the previous discussion of conservatism, an item of restaurant equipment with a five-year life could be fully depreciated in its first year. This technique would be considered overly conservative, particularly if it has a material effect to operating income. Consider the alternatives. First, equipment costing $50,000 with no estimated residual value could be fully depreciated the first year to maximize depreciation expense, thus reducing operating income. Second, the equipment could be systematically depreciated over each year of estimated life, to allocate depreciation expense charges against sales revenue in each year of serviceable life. First Alternative, First Year Fully Depreciate $50,000 First Year Sales revenue Operating expenses Income before depreciation Depreciation expense Operating income $500,000 (450,000) $ 50,000 ( 50,000) $ -0Second Alternative, First Year Depreciate $10,000 per Year, 5 Years $500,000 (450,000) $ 50,000 ( 10,000) $ 40,000
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