Displaying a Spreadsheet in a UserForm in Java

Printing PDF417 in Java Displaying a Spreadsheet in a UserForm

Let s look at what you do to create a custom container tag. We ll also create a related custom tag that is to be used within the container tag. Container tags are called block tags in the Smarty vocabulary. The container tags work quite differently in PHP compared to the Perl approach. This is due to the nature of how the block functions are called from the compiled templates. Some pseudocode is in order to illustrate the process. Consider this template:
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Environmental Chemistry of Aerosols
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where l is the degree of the polynomial BM (X ). Then, a quantity d , called the th discrepancy, is obtained by using the following expression: d = s +1 + 1 s + 2 s 1 + + l s +1 l
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