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6.5 Suppose schedules SA and SB are produced by the local schedulers at Site A and Site B, respectively, as shown. Assume that all transactions enter the system at Site C (making all transactions global). Transaction ID shows the timestamp (the smaller the ID, the older the transaction).
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Most popular Web browsers include a version of the Flash Player as standard equipment. But when a new version of Flash is released, the general population may not have the latest version of the Flash Player for a few months. If you anticipate this occurrence, you can create a small movie with ActionScript to detect the version of the Flash Player the movie is being viewed with. After the version is detected, you can create a conditional statement that either loads the main movie or loads an alternate version of the movie published for the detected version of the Flash Player. Or you can direct viewers to the Macromedia Web site where they can download the latest version of the Flash Player. When you debug a movie, one of the first variables displayed is the version of the Flash Player. The version of the Flash Player is designated by the OS and then the version of the Flash Player. The nomenclature for the latest Windows version of the Flash Player as this is written is WIN 6,0,21,0. This information is string data. The fifth character in the string designates which version of the Player is being used. All you have to do is create a variable that records the version of the Flash Player and a conditional statement to evaluate which version of the Player is being used to view your design. To create a movie that detects the Flash Player, do the following: 1. Create a new document. 2. Select the first frame and then click the arrow to the left of the word Actions. The Actions panel opens. 3. Choose Actions Variables and then double-click set variable. 4. In the Variable field, type Version 5. Place your cursor in the Value field and then in the left pane of the Actions panel, choose Functions Conversion Functions and then double-click getVersion. This line of code gets the version of the Flash Player being used and stores it in the variable named Version. Now you have to create a conditional statement that detects which version of the player is being used. 6. In the left pane of the Actions panel, choose Actions Conditions/Loops and then double-click if. 7. In the Condition field, type _root.Version and then in the left pane of the Actions panel, choose Objects Core String Methods and double-click charAt. Flash adds the action to your script and highlights the word Index.
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Review 6, Night Audit, of Kline and Sullivan s Hotel Front Of ce Simulation: A Workbook and Software Package (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2003) and work through the various concepts as presented in their chapter. Room Rate Report Post Room and Tax Postings Report Revenue Report Check-out Report No-Show and Cancellation Report Comp Rooms Report Deposit Report Maintenance Report Message Reports File Maintenance 6 Exercises
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continue until the link to the neighbor is recovered or the total probe number, including both timer-driven probes and data-driven probes, reaches meshMaxProbeNum. If a link is recovered, the corresponding neighbor should be removed from the probe list and all packets buffered for this neighbor, if any, should be forwarded to this neighbor. A link is considered recovered if a MAC ACK of a probe is received. If the probe number reaches meshMaxProbeNum before the link is recovered, the state of the neighbor will be changed to down. The connectivity matrix will be updated accordingly and hello messages will be broadcast with a TTL of meshTTLOfHello. After the broadcast of the rst hello message, all packets buffered for the neighbor, if any, will be routed via other routes. Data packets must not be routed via other routes before the original next hop is determined down and at least one hello message has been broadcast to all meshTTLOfHello hop neighbors. The neighbor remains in the probe list if the link to the neighbor has been determined down, but it should be probed only by timer (it will not be used as the next hop of any data packet) and the probe interval should be increased after each probe, up to a maximum value meshMaxProbeInterval. For example, a neighbor with a state of down can be probed using intervals 2, 4, 6, y, meshMaxProbeInterval, y, meshMaxProbeInterval seconds. This guarantees that, if the link recovers, it will be detected within no more than meshMaxProbeInterval seconds. 17.4.5 Mesh Path Selection and Data Forwarding for Multicast The multicast routing protocol described in this section utilizes the logical tree built by the unicast routing protocol described in Section 17.4.3. The logical tree is a shared tree rooted at the network coordinator (NC). When the tree is built, the neighbor information as well as its relationship (parent, child, or sibling) to a node is recorded in every node s neighbor list (see Table 17.12). The goal of multicast routing hence can be de ned as nding a minimum subtree of the logical tree which covers all multicast members of a multicast group. Joining and leaving the multicast group are dynamic so the multicast tree is minimal at any time during the multicast session. Due to the use of the tree structure, all control messages are unicast and no multicast routing table is needed. In most cases, the NC is not bothered for transmitting control and data messages and hence the congestion around the NC and the single-point-offailure problem can be avoided or relieved. Furthermore, multicast data frames do not need to be sent to the NC rst. They can be propagated to all other members directly from the data sources to ensure simple and timely data delivery. Nonmembers can also send packets to members but not vice versa. To better describe the multicast routing protocol, the following entities are de ned. They are illustrated in Fig. 17.5. Note tree level (TL) is the hop distance a node is from the root of the logical routing tree.
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when a server is working for the food department and when a server is working for the beverage department if they serve both food and beverages. Because of this, there is only one income statement produced for the food and beverage department. Wherever possible, it is suggested that the revenue and expenses for food be kept separate from the revenue and expenses for beverages because in this way the income statements are more meaningful. In this
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Federal Communications Commission (FCC), VoIP public networks, 114 Functionally layered architectures, VoIP, 6, 8 12 Global communications. See VoIP global communications Hammer tester: call progress time measurement, 138, 145 148 VoIP service evaluation, 54 Hammer visual basic (HVB) language: call progress time measurement, 143 145 call setup automation tests, 154, 158 161 VoIP service evaluation testbed, 59 60, 66, 67, 174, 176 H.245 protocol, VoIP signaling protocols, 34 35 H.248/MEGACO protocol, MGCP and, VoIP signaling protocols, 39 41 H.225 protocol, VoIP signaling protocols, 34 35 Hybrid signaling model, VoIP signaling protocols, future directions, 45, 47 Implementation. See VoIP implementation IP packets, voice signal framing and packetization technologies, 17 IP telephony: term of, xi VoIP signaling protocols, future directions, 45, 46 Legal issues, VoIP implementation, 134 135 Long-distance service, 93 99 call ow, 96 98 elements required, 95 96 network evolution issues, 98 99 Low-bit-rate voice signal encoding: voice signal processing technologies, 16 VoIP service evaluation, 52 Mean opinion score (MOS), packet voice transmission technologies, 19
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If my wish for the twenty-first century takes root, this chapter should help promote a revolutionary call for a therapeutic renaissance that brings treatment back to the reality of patients lives. Of course, a patient s reality presents a bewildering if not chaotic array of possibilities. Even the most motivated young therapist may wish to back away to a manageable and simple worldview, be it cognitive, pharmacologic, or otherwise. I contend, however, that this complexity need not be experienced as chaotic or overwhelming if a treatment plan has logic and order. This I have sought to do by illustrating, for example, that the systematic integration of Axis I syndromes and Axis II disorders is not only feasible but also conducive to briefer and more effective therapy. Although my professional focus has been on the personality disorders, I believe that all the clinical syndromes that comprise Axis I can be understood more clearly and treated more effectively when conceived as an outgrowth of a patient s overall personality style. To say that depression is experienced and expressed differently from one patient to the next is a truism; so general a statement, however, will not suffice. Our task requires much more. My personality-guided therapy text (Millon, 1999) provides extensive information, often with accompanying illustrations, on how patients with different personality vulnerabilities perceive and cope with life s stressors. Debates on whether the treatment approach recorded here should be designated as a variant of technical eclecticism or integrative therapy are mistaken. Both of these approaches have things backward, so to speak; they start intervention by focusing first on technique or methodology. Evolutionary thinking does not focus on either treatment methods or the subject-area theories that generated them. Synergistic therapy, the term preferred here, states that the focus begins with the inherent characteristics of the person first, not in theories or technical modalities. It starts with the interwoven character of the patient s extant traits and symptoms. The task is not to see how discordant therapeutic models or therapeutic techniques can be blended, but rather to select those methods that match, first and foremost, the integrated pattern of clinical features that are manifested by the patient. The synergistic therapeutic task is to select treatment goals and tactics that mirror each patient s intrinsic clinical pattern optimally. Synergy is an important concept not only for the psychotherapy of an individual case but also for the role of psychotherapy in the broad sphere of clinical science. As noted earlier in this chapter, for the treatment of a patient to be fully integrative, the several elements comprising a broad clinical science should be integrated as well. One of the arguments advanced against technical eclecticism is that it explicitly insulates therapy from the context of a clinical science. In contrast to eclecticism, where techniques are justified methodologically or empirically, synergistic treatment reflects the logic of a comprehensive model of human nature. Whether we work with part functions that focus on behaviors, cognitions, unconscious processes, or biological defects and the like, or whether we address contextual settings that focus on the larger environment the family, the group, or the socioeconomic and political conditions of life the crossover point, the unit that links parts to contexts, is the person. The individual is the intersecting medium that brings them together. Persons, however, are more than just crossover mediums. As noted previously, they are the only
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