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Aarestrup, F., Y. Agers , P. Ahrens, J. . J rgensen, M. Madsen, and L. B. Jensen. 2000. Antimicrobial susceptibility and presence of resistance genes in staphylococci from poultry. Veterinary Microbiology 74:353 364. Agvald-Ohman, C., B. Lund, and C. Edlun. 2004. Multiresistant coagulase-negative staphylococci disseminate frequently between intubated patient into a multidisciplinary intensive care unit. Critical Care 8:42 47. Ahn, C., D. Collins-Thompson, C. Duncan, and M. Stiles. 1992. Mobilization and location of the genetic determinant of chloramphenicol resistance from Lactobacillus plantarum caTC2R. Plasmid 27: 169 176. Ammor, M., M. Gueimonde, M. Danielsen, M. Zagorec, A. van Hoek, C. de Los Reyes-Gavil n, B. Mayo, and A. Margolles. 2008. Two different tetracycline resistance mechanisms, plasmid-carried tet(L) and chromosomally-encoded transposon-associated tet(M), coexist in Lactobacillus sakei Rits 9. Applied Environmental Microbiology 74(5):1394 1403. Ammor, S., I. Chevallier, A. Laguet, J. Labadie, R. Talon, and E. Dufour. 2004. Investigation of the selective bactericidal effect of several decontaminating solutions on bacterial bio lms including useful, spoilage and/or pathogenic bacteria. Food Microbiology 21(1):11 17. Ansorena, D., O. Gimeno, I. Astiasar n, and J. Bello. 2001. Analysis of volatile compounds by GC MS of a dry fermented sausage: Chorizo de Pamplona. Food Research International 34:67 75. Axelsson, L. 2004. Lactic acid bacteria: Classi cation and physiology. In Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiology and Functional Aspects, 3rd ed., edited by S. Salminen, A. Ouwehand and A. Von Wright. New York: Marcel Dekker. Aymerich, T., B. Mart n, M. Garriga, M. C. VidalCarou, S. Bover-Cid, and M. Hugas, 2006. Safety properties and molecular strain typing of lactic acid bacteria from slightly fermented sausages. Journal of Applied Microbiology 100 (1):40 49. Aymerich, T., B. Mart n, M. Garriga, and M. Hugas. 2003. Microbial quality and direct PCR identi cation of lactic acid bacteria and nonpathogenic staphylococci from artisanal low-acid sausages. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69:4583 4594.
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Attitudes in Social Behavior
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In this section, we will look at the DDBE Platform Requirements that are equally relevant for any architecture even centralized environments that do not involve any databases. We will call these requirements Fundamental Platform Requirements to emphasize this fact, but remember that all of these requirements are also DDBE Platform Requirements! In 12, we looked at several traditional DDBE architectures and in 13, we looked at two new DDBE architectures. All of the architectural alternatives in these chapters were designed by combining smaller pieces of software (the COSs) and deploying them across multiple machines. When considering the (nondatabase related) requirements for these COSs, it is useful to think about their life cycle. For our purposes here, we can consider each COS to move through three different life-cycle phases: development, deployment, and execution. The development phase refers to all the activities necessary to create the implementation (compilation, linking, bundling, etc.); the deployment phase refers to all the activities required to install the software on the target machine after it has been developed; and execution refers to all the activities required to run the software within the environment once it has been deployed. We will use these life-cycle phases to categorize the requirements further, by considering the requirements for each phase. There will be some overlap and interdependencies between the requirements and life-cycle phases but that is not important since this grouping is merely a convenient way to organize the requirements it has no direct or indirect impact on the DDBE Platform itself. For example, the development details for a particular COS (such as whether the COS is statically linked or dynamically linked) will have a direct impact on the actual deployment and execution details for that COS, but we are considering these requirements for the architecture as a whole and not for a particular COS in this section.
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Muscle Composition
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Flow-based charging.
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