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the sum of the probabilities of all symbols less than i. Then the codeword for i is the number Fi [0, 1] rounded off to li bits, 1 where li = log pi . (a) Show that the code constructed by this process is pre x-free and that the average length satis es H (X) L < H (X) + 1. (5.149)
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TABLE 7-2 (Continued) Utility telemetry service: utility companies access to subscriber lines to receive utility usage data for billing purposes Universal CLASS feature access: usage-based billing for access to the universally deployed CLASS features Voice mail service: PSTN network host-based voice message recording by a caller and subsequent processing (retrieval, deleting, forwarding, archiving, etc.) by the called party Wake-up call service: programming an incoming call at a prespeci ed time for wake-up service Wide area telephone services (WATS): the capability that allows customers to make (OUTWATS) or receive (INWATS) LD calls and to have them billed on a bulk rather than an individual call basis
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Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Rationale Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is a technique for studying radioactive tracers introduced into the body, usually by intravenous injection or inhalation. With Xray CT scanning, the signal used is based on the release of photons, transmitted from an X-ray source, that have passed through the body. The signal detected is the decay of radioactive nuclides inside the body, derived from injection or inhalation of a tracer and distributed throughout the bloodstream. Typical isotopes used in SPECT imaging include xenon 133, technetium 99m-HMPAO, and receptor ligands labeled with iodine 123 (Lassen & Holm, 1992). HMPAO SPECT makes use of a ligand that binds to endothelial cell membranes and is rapidly transported across the membranes and altered so that it cannot back-diffuse into the blood (Nadeau & Crosson, 1995). Because the ligand is accumulated by endothelial membranes, it serves as an ampli ed measure of CBF with good signal-to-noise ratio. An advantage of the technique is that because the ligand is rapidly absorbed, short task times are possible. Another advantage is that because the ligand remains stably trapped for several hours, a participant can be injected, can engage in a cognitive task outside the scanner, and can then be later moved to the scanner for imaging. HMPAO SPECT and FDG PET are the only imaging techniques that allow the subject to perform the cognitive task outside the potentially intrusive scanner environment. Applications In recent years, SPECT imaging has been widely used in the evaluation of metabolic correlates of seizure activity (Lee et al., 1997; Mastin et al., 1996), and has also been useful in evaluating disordered regional CBF in head injury (Goldenberg, Oder, Spatt, & Podreka, 1992; Varney et al., 1995), dementia (Costa, Ell, Burns, Philpot, & Levy, 1988; Parnetti et al., 1996), and other neurological syndromes (Benson et al., 1996; Chatterjee et al., 1997; Giroud, Lemesle, Madinier, Billiar, & Dumas, 1997) and psychiatric disorders (Camargo, 2001;
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presented at the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology conference, Minneapolis, MN. Duda, J. L., Olson, L. K., & Templin, T. J. (1991). The relationship of task and ego orientation to sportsmanship attitudes and the perceived legitimacy of injurious acts. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 62, 79 87. Dunn, J. G. H., & Dunn, J. C. (1999). Goal orientations, perceptions of aggression, and sportspersonship in elite male ice hockey players. Sport Psychologist, 13, 183 200. Ennis, C. D. (1999). Creating a culturally relevant curriculum for disengaged girls. Sport, Education and Society, 4, 31 49. Entzion, B. J. (1991). A child s view of fairplay. Strategies, 4, 16 19. Fine, G. A. (1979). Preadolescent socialization through organized athletics: The construction of moral meanings in Little League baseball. In M. L. Krotee (Ed.), The dimensions of sport sociology (pp. 79 105). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Fine, G. A. (1987). With the boys: Little League baseball and preadolescent culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Firth, R. (1973). Symbols public and private. New York: Cornell University Press. Gano-Overway, L., Guivernau, M., Magyar, T. M., Waldron, J., & Ewing, M. (2005). Achievement goal perspectives, perceptions of the motivational climate, and sportspersonship: Individual and team effects. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 6, 215 232. Gardner, R., & Janelle, C. (2002). Legitimacy judgments of perceived aggression and assertion by contact and non-contact sport participants. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 33, 290 306. Gibbons, S. L., & Ebbeck, V. (1997). The effect of different teaching strategies on the moral development of physical education students. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 17, 85 98. Gibbons, S. L., Ebbeck, V., & Weiss, M. R. (1995). Fair-play for kids: Effects on the moral functioning of children in physical education. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 66, 247 255. Gibbs, J. C. (2003). Moral development and reality: Beyond the theories of Kohlberg and Hof fman. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Greer, D. L., & Lacy, M. G. (1989). On the conceptualization and measurement of attitudes toward play: The Webb Scale and the GOS. Sociology of Sport Journal, 6, 380 390. Guivernau, M., & Duda, J. (1998). Integrating concepts of motivation and morality: The contribution of norms regarding aggressive and rule-violating behavior, goal orientations, and the perceived motivational climate to the prediction of athletic aggression. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Suppl.), S13.
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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE VICTIM OF PREJUDICE AND DISCRIMINATION Psychologists have long been interested in the effects of discrimination on members of oppressed groups. One early approach to exploring this question was to assess samples of oppressed individuals on psychological measures as a means of exploring the impact of oppression. Kardiner and Ovesey (1951), for example, used psychoanalytic interviews and responses to projective tests such as the thematic apperception test (TAT) and the Rorschach to assess the mark of oppression among Black Americans. Similarly, Karon (1975) compared samples of White respondents and northern versus southern Black respondents in the United States on a modi ed version of the Tomkins-Horn Picture Arrangement Test (PAT), a projective test for assessing personality. Although both studies showed evidence of the stigma of being Black in
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of length Lc by padding e with zeros on both sides as indicated above. Given the error codeword qi, and given that codeword c is transmitted, the competing codeword is given by ti; c qi; 11:16
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Before you can select the right program, you must decide what features you need. This section explains all the features considered valuable in an HTML-development program.
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Extending the Life of the IPv4 Address Space Original RFC for IP was RFC 760. No concept of classes; address was 8-bit network ID RFC 791 introduced a segmentation of the address into Classes. RFC 950 introduced subnetting. Allowed for efficiency to exist with Class addresses RFCs 1517 1520 introduced CIDR. Used on the Internet routing tables
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