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3. Choose Security Enable Root User. 4. If you ve never enabled the root user on this machine before, you get a message asking you to enter a nonblank password. Go ahead and do that. 5. Quit NetInfo Manager. You can now log in as root from the login window. If you have the accounts displayed in a list, you won t see root among the mere mortal accounts. Instead, you see a new choice in the list: Other. As you know, all the best options are hidden under nondescript labels like Other. To log in as root, click Other, then enter root and your chosen password. As OS X finishes starting up, you can feel the power coursing through your veins: You can now wreak total havoc on your system. Even more ominously, applications have free reign as well. So have fun with it, and be careful. Another way to use root access is in combination with the >console login. After you use >console on the login window, you can log in as root and have full access to your whole system from the command line.
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CHAPTER 18 Creating Accessible Content . .
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Distributed Database Management Systems by Saeed K. Rahimi and Frank S. Haug Copyright 2010 the IEEE Computer Society
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Fig. 1.7 Sketch cross-section of a small hollow in granite bedrock (assumed to be virtually impermeable) deeply lled with highly permeable sand. Only 100 mm of rainfall soaking into the sand causes a 400 mm rise in the water table, due to the fact that the sand has a llable porosity (speci c yield) of around 25%. See Section 1.4.4 of the text for further explanation.
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and spreadability in particular are the most important physicochemical characteristics. Spreadability, a subjective texture characteristic of semisolid foods, is related to the material yield stress, the minimum shear stress required to initiate ow ( o); it is inversely proportional to o. Kryscio and others (2008) developed a method to measure spreadability of pharmaceutical topical formulations, based on a torque exerted by a vane. It involves the immersion of vane blades into a sample, followed by slow rotation at a constant speed until the torque exerted on the vane reaches a maximum value and the sample begins to ow. Torque versus time curves are used to determine yield stress, and the maximum torque exerted on the vane by the uid is measured. Daubert and others (2007) reported a method for rapid and quantitative measurement of spreadability based on the yield point of food items. The authors concluded that this textural property has been linked to the yield stress of a material, but observations
Con uence of Dynamic Forces
Part II Using Basic ActionScript in Your Movie
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