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Qualifying the URL
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Areas of Specialization
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and professional inadequacy). This syndrome has been extensively examined in a variety of workplace settings and is associated with negative consequences such as decreased performance, low motivation, impaired health, personal dysfunction, insomnia, increased use of alcohol and drugs, and marital and family problems (Maslach & Goldberg, 1998; Maslach, Jackson, & Leiter, 1996). From the beginning, Freudenberger (1975) did not believe that this sustained negative experiential state was necessarily limited to professionals working in health care environments. In fact, he specifically implicated sport as an environment with burnout-inducing potential. The notion that negative, amotivated, and exhausted states sometimes described by athletes might be a sport-related manifestation of burnout garnered interest among sport scientists and practitioners in reasonably short order (e.g., Cohn, 1990; Feigley, 1984; Gould, 1993; Henschen, 1990; Rowland, 1986; Schmidt & Stein, 1991; Smith, 1986; Yukelson, 1990). During the past decade, the interest in and concern about athlete burnout among sporting bodies and sport scientists has fueled a noticeable surge in sport psychology research (e.g., Cresswell & Eklund, 2004, 2005a, 2005b, 2005c; Gould, Tuffey, Udry, & Loehr, 1996, 1997; Gould, Udry, Tuffey, & Loehr, 1996; Lemyre, Treasure, & Roberts, 2006; Lonsdale, Hodge, & Rose, 2006; Raedeke, 1997; Raedeke, Granzyk, & Warren, 2000; Raedeke, Lunney, & Venables, 2002; Raedeke & Smith, 2001, 2004; Tenenbaum, Jones, Kistantas, Sacks, & Berwick, 2003a, 2003b). THE NATURE OF A SYNDROME A key aspect of Maslach and Jackson s (1981, 1986) landmark work on burnout was the identification of a syndrome. In broad terms, a syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that present defining features for a condition of some epidemiological significance. Examples of other syndromes salient in the public consciousness include AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Identification of defining manifestations or symptoms of the chronic maladaptive state, however, is not quite the same as understanding its precise nature or its underlying causes, but it is a crucial initial step. Syndrome identification provides the foundation for the scientific community to pursue greater understanding of puzzling and problematic health conditions. Refinements to characterizations of syndromes can occur as evidence emerges on what is core (or spurious) to its underlying nature. In some instances, the identification of the underlying nature and causes of a syndrome can result
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Reproductive Behavior 183
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ings, the department director can transform organizational goals into operational functions. The general manager offers supervisory training to his or her staff in practical terms. For example, the director of marketing and sales may have set a goal of increasing guest room sales by 10 percent for the next quarter. At an individual meeting with the general manager, the director of marketing and sales will agree to meet that goal over the next four months. What does a general manager do He or she provides leadership to meet organizational goals of pro tability and service. It is acquired by studying theories of management and the behavior of other managers as well as actually practicing leadership and receiving constructive criticism from superiors on efforts expended. The role of general manager is a professional position. It is a career goal based on operations experience and education. The role of the general manager, whether in a full-service or limited-service property, must encompass the concepts previously discussed. The general manager in a limitedservice property may perform additional hands-on responsibilities, but he or she is re-
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belongs to a third-party vendor. This raises two major concerns: scalability and security. From the scalability point of view, the gateway represents a single point of failure and a bottleneck due to the end-to-end ow control. From the security point of view, since it provides protocol translations and compression of content, it acts like a builtin man in the middle and is vulnerable to hackers attacks. In fact, the security model of WAP is between two WAP endpoints, and in this case, it would be between the WAP client and the gateway and not between the client and the content server. So in order to secure your data, a company has to own and manage a WAP gateway/ proxy/server within a trusted environment (e.g., intranet) as shown in Figure 3.5. WAP 1.0 Components The WAP architecture provides an extensible application environment and a scalable set of communication protocols tailored speci cally for wireless devices. Figure 3.6 shows the WAP stack, which is made up of ve layers: 1. WAP application environment (WAE) speci es mobile applications framework that enables the retrieval of WAP content from the Internet. 2. WAP session protocol (WSP) layer provides a lightweight session layer to allow the exchange (in binary format) of data between applications. 3. WAP transaction protocol (WTP), the layer that provides a reliable transaction to the transport layer. 4. WAP transport layer security (WTLS), the security layer that allows encryption of data for securing the transport of messages required by e-commerce applications. This is an optional layer. 5. WAP datagram protocol (WDP), the transport layer that sends and receives data via any bearer network, such as SMS, USSD, CDMA, IS-136, and CSD. Also depicted in Figure 3.6 are the mapping of the Web and the WAP layers to enable one to easily compare their respective responsibilities. Figure 3.7 shows a typical interaction between the stack components when a WAE client requests information from a Web server. Typically, a WAP request starts from the client s WML user agent (i.e., WAP browser) and passes through all the layers of the WAP stack client. Once the request reaches the WAP
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15.2 LAYERED ARCHITECTURE OF MOBILE AD HOC NETWORKS The precursor of ad hoc networking technology was the packet radio network [33, 34]. Packet radio applies packet communications to a radio channel rather than to a wire-based
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created movie has its own stacking order, with level 0 as the level of the originating movie. Newly created movie clips are always on top of the original movie clip. Here is an example:
Interdomain handoff
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