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In this chapter, I introduced the object model for charts, and showed how to write VBA code to create and manipulate charts. This chapter included several examples that made use of events. In the next chapter, I cover the concept of events in detail.
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This procedure simply displays a message whenever the chart is activated. See Figure 18-15.
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As shown in Table 16.2 the superframe is divided into 16 slots of equal size, each of which consists of 3 2SO backoff periods. The variable SO, also known as macSuperframeOrder, determines the duration of the superframe; its default value of SO=0 corresponds to the shortest active superframe duration of 48 backoff periods. In the ISM band, the duration of the backoff period is 0.32 ms for a payload of 10 bytes, which results in the maximum data rate of 250 kbps. The time interval between successive beacons is BI aBaseSuperframe Duration 2BO , where aBaseSuperframeDuration=48 backoff periods (SO=0) and BO denotes the so-called macBeaconOrder, which can take values between 1 and 14. The duration of the inactive period of the superframe can easily be determined as I aBaseSuperframeDuration 2BO 2SO . The default access mode in beacon-enabled operation is slotted CSMA/CA, with some slots optionally reserved for certain nodes. During the inactive portion of the superframe, any device may enter a low power mode; the cluster coordinator can switch to the upper cluster in order to perform the bridging function that is, deliver the data to the coordinator of the upper cluster. All lower cluster coordinators use this facility to perform the bridging function. As soon as the active part of the superframe is completed in the lower cluster, the coordinator/bridge switches to the upper cluster and waits for the beacon so that it can deliver the data from the lower cluster to the upper cluster coordinator/network sink. All clusters use the CSMA/CA access, which means that the bridge has to compete for medium access with ordinary nodes in the upper cluster. As soon as the data is delivered, the bridge can return to its own cluster. This also means that, should the bridge be unable to transmit its data when the (active portion
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Characteristics of foreseeable usages of satellite constellations Developing Poor countries/oceans Poisson-like Sparse Short Average Overload Rich countries Bursty Huge Exponential Short International International Nearly deterministic Irregular Long Long
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Discussion and Extensions
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A complex audio signal is an audio signal composed of many sine waves (sinusoidal tones) or, if you will, many tones and their harmonics. One might ask: If the level reading on a broadcaster s program channel is 11 VU, what would the equivalent be in dBm Reading in VU 1.4 dB reading in dBm. Thus the answer is 11 VU 1.4 dB 12.4 dBm.
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Different Research Programs on Emotion
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