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Note: You can preview frames of an imported video by dragging the playhead along the Timeline. However, the sound will not play back. To preview the video with sound, use the Test Movie command. See Previewing and testing movies on page 39.
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Ping and Comment Time-Outs
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Part I Some Essential Background
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Using the contribution margin method, a $656 operating income is shown. Using the breakeven equation, the breakeven would be: Fixed costs 1 VC% $362,800 1 36.9% $362,800 63.1%
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Once management has identi ed what guests want, it can develop a service strategy statement. The statement should include: A commitment to make service from top-level ownership and management a top priority in the company
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noted a number of issues relevant to specific psychological skills for athletes with physical disabilities. One issue was which body parts to include in a progressive muscular relaxation script. When athletes either do not have (e.g., amputees) or do not have control over (e.g., those with spinal cord injuries) particular body parts, should these be included or excluded Hanrahan indicated that it is best to go with personal preference. Some athletes liked a tailormade script because they got frustrated when trying to tense and relax certain parts of the body, whereas others preferred a standard script because they still perceived benefits in terms of body awareness and relaxation when focusing on parts of the body excluded from the individualized scripts. One quadriplegic pointed out that he preferred the standard version because the individualized script was too short! Future research may consider controlling for length of scripts while varying the content. Also related to relaxation, the Hanrahan study found that even those without use of abdominal muscles still reported both concentration and relaxation benefits from abdominal breathing exercises. Hanrahan (1995) also reported a number of issues related to body awareness and imagery for athletes with physical disabilities. One issue is determining what is and what is not part of the athlete s physical self. For amputees, prostheses often take the place of missing arms or legs, and wheelchair athletes obviously use chairs in place of legs. The general rule of thumb is that the prosthesis or chair can be considered part of the athlete if it is required for participation in the sport (Hanrahan, 1998). For example, swimmers do not use prostheses or chairs during their events, but many track athletes do. If athletes use prostheses or chairs during competition, then they should be worn or sat in when doing body awareness exercises or imagery. Body awareness exercises can help athletes with cerebral palsy or spinal cord lesions to improve their understanding of which muscles they can use and control. After increased awareness, some athletes have reported being able to modify technique because they discovered they were able to incorporate into the activity a part of the body that had previously been idle (Hanrahan, 1995). In addition, enhanced awareness may help athletes distinguish between pain from their disability, pain or discomfort from fatigue, and pain from a sport injury (Martin, 1999a). For athletes who have acquired physical disabilities (as opposed to having congenital disabilities), greater effort may be needed in learning to control images. As imagery is based on memory, these athletes
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Throughout this book, I use the terms routine, procedure, and macro. Programming people typically use the word procedure to describe an automated task. In Excel, a procedure is also known as a macro. Technically, a procedure can be a Sub procedure or a Function procedure, both of which are sometimes called routines. I use all these terms pretty much interchangeably. There is, however, an important difference between Sub procedures and Function procedures. This distinction will become apparent in s 9 and 10.
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-typical n-sequences (x1 , x2 , . . . , xk ) is
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AND xn is close to x1* n
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