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Carr, R. E., Lehrer, P. M., & Hochron, S. M. (1995). Predictors of panic-fear in asthma. Health Psychology, 14, 421 426. Carr, R. E., Lehrer, P. M., Rausch, L. L., & Hochron, S. M. (1994). Anxiety sensitivity and panic attacks in an asthmatic population. Behavioral Research and Therapy, 32, 411 418. Cast s, M., Hager, I., Palenque, M., Canelones, P., Corao, A., & Lynch, N. (1999). Immunology changes associated with clinical improvement of asthmatic children subjected to psychosocial intervention. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 13, 1 13. Centers for Disease Control. (1992). Asthma United States, 1980 1990. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 41, 733 735. Centers for Disease Control. (1995). Asthma United States, 1982 1992. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 43, 952 955. Centers for Disease Control. (1996). Asthma surveillance programs in public health departments United States. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 45, 802 804. Centers for Disease Control. (2001). Self-reported asthma prevalence among adults United States, 2000. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 50, 682 686. Chernigovskaya, N. V., Vaschillo, E. G., Petrash, V. V., & Rusanovskii, V. V. (1990). Voluntary regulation of the heart rate as a method of functional condition correction in neurotics. Human Physiology, 16, 58 64. Chernigovskaya, N. V., Vaschillo, E. G., Rusanovskii, V. V., & Kashkarova, O. E. (1990). Instrumental autotraining of mechanisms for cardiovascular function regulation in treatment of neurotics. The SS Korsakov s Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry, 90, 24 28. Cohen, S., Tyrrell, D. A., & Smith, A. P. (1991). Psychological stress and susceptibility to the common cold. New England Journal of Medicine, 325(9), 606 612. Dahlem, N. W., Kinsman, R. A., & Horton, D. J. (1977). Panic-fear in asthma: Requests for as-needed medications in relation to pulmonary function measurements. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 60, 295 300. De Araujo, G., van Arsdel, P. P., Holmes, T. H., & Dudley, D. L. (1973). Life change, coping ability and chronic intrinsic asthma. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 17, 359 363. Dekker, E., & Groen, J. (1956). Reproducible psychogenic attacks of asthma. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 1, 58 67. Dekker, E., Pelser, H. E., & Groen, J. (1957). Conditioning as a cause of asthma attacks. Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2, 97 108. Dekker, F. W., Dieleman, F. E., Kapstein, A. A., & Mulder, J. D. (1993). Compliance with pulmonary medication in general practice. European Respiratory Journal, 6, 886 890. Di Blasio, P., Molinari, E., Peri, G., & Taverna, A. (1990). Family competency and childhood asthma: A preliminary study. Family Systems Medicine, 8, 145 149. Dirks, J. F., Fross, K. H., & Evans, N. W. (1977). Panic-fear in asthma: Generalized personality trait vs. speci c situational state. Journal of Asthma, 14, 161 167.
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FIGURE 15.34. Rate distortion for two correlated sources.
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history Plato held it and stressed the importance of inner governance.) Insanity results from unfortunate experiences, lack of discipline, and self-indulgence, hence it can be cured by reeducation (Plato, 1894a). The association model provided the rationale for moral management. People affected with insanity, according to this view, should be removed from the pernicious in uence of their homes and environments. They should be placed in a well-ordered social milieu designed to gently but rmly rehabilitate them to the norms of society by an orchestration of therapeutic relearning experiences and provision of rm moral guidance in order restore mental health. Small asylums, modeled on the York Retreat, sprang up in Britain and the United States. Managers were often physicians but also ministers, because insanity was attributed to psychological, not biological, causes. Persons who provided therapy for the insane had come to be known as alienists because they dealt with the problems of the alienated mind. Physical restraint and drugs were minimized in favor of kindly supervision and methods designed to reeducate and to instill appropriate behavior and self-discipline. Religious services were available, although patients who tended to religious brooding might not be permitted to attend. Practitioners made little attempt to determine speci c causes for the psychopathology. These measures, intended to induce habits of self-control, did not always work, as many patients were selfdestructive or violent to others, which made restraint necessary at times. William Battie (1704 1776), an English alienist and an early advocate of moral management, was the rst in Britain to teach psychiatry to medical students. In his A Treatise on Madness (1758), Battie made a distinction between original (i.e., organic) and consequential (or acquired) madness. He believed that mental disorder could be cured if patients were treated in an asylum where they were isolated from family and friends, were attended by asylum staff rather than their own servants, and were managed by efforts to check their unruly appetites and divert their xed imaginations. Philippe Pinel (1745 1826), the French alienist, founded a school of psychiatry at the Salp tri re, where he trained a generation of psychiatrists, including Esquirol, who spread his ideas throughout Europe. Pinel has been considered the founder of modern psychiatry because he wrote the rst textbook of psychiatry, Trait M dico-Philosophique sur la Manie (Pinel, 1806). Pinel is also credited with having inaugurated the humane care of the institutionalized insane, based the claim that he removed the chains from the insane patients at the Bic tre. Weiner (1979) points out that, in fact, this was done by Pussin, who successfully replaced chains with straitjackets for incurable mental patients at Bic tre. Pinel
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