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Using net present value and internal rate of return analysis for long-term investments Preparing budget variance analyses Using cost-volume-profit analysis for various types of decisions As far as planning and control are concerned, word processing, database, and spreadsheet software are closely related. A computer ought to be able to pass data from its database application to a spreadsheet, and then pass the results to a word processor for addition of text and final printing of a report. Today, single software packages that include all three of these types of programs, such as Microsoft Office, are available.
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= Jan = Feb = Mar = Apr = May = Jun
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The ndings of behavioral genetic studies of personality structure also have implications for attempts to identify the putative genes for personality. Most molecular genetic studies of personality use an analytic strategy that correlates a total personality trait score such as Neuroticism with variations in the candidate allele (Lesch et al., 1996). As the studies described show, the total scale score confounds multiple genetic and environmental effects and reduces the power to detect putative loci. The use of etiological factor scores that index the proportions of the personality phenotype directly attributable to speci c genetic and environmental effects (Boomsma, 1996; Sham et al., 2001; Thomis et al., 2000) could reduce these confounds.
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Therefore, Phase 1 terminates in t+1 s + 1 = log log (4nf) + 1 = O( log log n + log log f)
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Now let A be the support set of X and B be the support set of Y . Then A + B is the support set of X + Y , and (17.109) reduces to [ (A + B)] n [ (A)] n + [ (B)] n , which is the Brunn Minkowski inequality.
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