Part III Understanding Visual Basic for Applications in Java

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Total sales revenue $870,168 Our original estimated annual sales revenue was $870,238 and the estimated annual sales revenue using the calculated average meal period checks is ($870,238 870,168) $70 less due to rounding of the average checks to the closest cent.
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Workers are spending fewer years in the labor force as the concept of early retirement becomes more popular. And as the population segment known as the baby boom ages, the number of retirees is projected to soar. Many of these people will take on a second career, but part-time jobs will likely be more common. With the two prime ingredients for using hotel facilities time and money readily at hand, these people will be a primary market for the hotel industry.
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i. The My Computer icon appears on your desktop. Double-click it.
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where P is the production rate of sulphuric acid molecules. Numerical calculations [73] based on the full sectional model of Pirjola [75] show that nucleation continues well after the burst in the analytic model has nished, but that the tiny particles produced after a short initial time period are all coagulating with a growing peak in the size distribution as shown in Figure 3.9. The number of growing particles in both models is practically the same. Thus the basic assumption of the analytic model is justi ed
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FIGURE 5-2: SnapStream s FireFly remote
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