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1200 Storage life of pork (days) 1000 800 600 400 200 0 40
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quality characteristics of breakfast sausage. Meat Science 80(3):708 714. Li-Chan, E., S. Nakai, and D. F. Wood. 1985. Relationship between functional (fat binding, emulsifying) and physicochemical properties of muscle proteins. Effects of heating, freezing, pH and species. Journal of Food Science 50(4):1034 1040. Lin, K. W., and H. Y. Huang. 2003. Konjac/gellan gum mixed gels improve the quality of reduced-fat frankfurters. Meat Science 65(2):749 755. Lurue a-Mart nez, M. A., A. M. Vivar-Quintana, and I. Revilla. 2004. Effect of locust bean/xanthan gum addition and replacement of pork fat with olive oil on the quality characteristics of low-fat frankfurters. Meat Science 68(3):383 389. Macfarlane, J. J., I. J. Mckenzie, R. H. Turner, and P. N. Jones 1984. Binding of comminuted meat: Effect of high pressure. Meat Science 10:307 320. Macfarlane, J. J., I. J. Mckenzie, and R. H. Turner 1986. Pressure heat treatment of meat: Changes in myo brillar proteins and ultrastructure. Meat Science 17:161 176. Mandigo, R. W., and O. Esquivel. 2004. Emulsions and batters. In Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences, vol. 1: Chemistry and Physics of Comminuted Products, edited by C. Devine and M. Dikeman. Oxford: Elsevier. McClement, J. 1999. Food Emulsions: Principles, Practice and Techniques. Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press. Mielnik, M. B., K. Aaby, K. Rolfsen, M. R. Ellekj r, and A. Nilsson. 2002. Quality of comminuted sausages formulated from mechanically deboned poultry meat. Meat Science 61(1):73 84. Modi, V. K., and M. Prakash. 2008. Quick and reliable screening of compatible ingredients for the formulation of extended meat cubes using Plackett Burman design. LWT Food Science and Technology 41(5):878 882. Mittal, G. S., and S. Barbut. 1994. Effects of fat reduction on frankfurters physical and sensory characteristics. Food Research International 27(5):425 431. Mor-Mur, M., and J. Yuste. 2003. High pressure processing applied to cooked sausage manufacture: Physical properties and sensory analysis. Meat Science 65(3):1187 1191. Morrison, G. S., N. B. Webb, T. N. Blumer, F. J. Ivey, and A. Haq. 1971. Relationship between composition and stability of sausage-type emulsions. Journal of Food Science 36:426 430. Nakai, S., and E. Li-Chan. 1988. Hydrophobic interactions in muscle proteins and their role in comminuted meat systems. In Hydrophobic Interactions in Food Systems. Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press. Morin, L. A., F. Temelli, and L. McMullen. 2004. Interactions between meat proteins and barley (Hordeum spp.): -glucan within a reduced-fat breakfast sausage system. Meat Science 68(3):419 430. Mourot, J. 2001. Mise en place des tissus adipeux souscutan s et intramusculaires et facteurs de variation quantitatifs et qualitatifs chez le porc. INRA Prod. Anim. 14:355 363.
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often describe a crisis transition as being in a dead-end situation. This metaphor can be seen as a holistic expression of the set of crisis symptoms and is especially illustrative for disorientation in decision making and behaviors. Psychological crisis coping interventions typically start with individual counseling aimed at helping the athlete to analyze his or her situation, to make a decision about coping, and to develop and carry out an action plan. Sometimes individual counseling is coordinated with small-group workshops, joining together athletes who experience similar transition situations (Lavallee & Andersen, 2000; Petitpas et al., 1997). A number of psychological strategies, such as cognitive restructuring, stress management, and emotional expression, are used in helping athletes to cope with a crisis transition. As defined by Taylor and Ogilvie (2001b), a career transition may be characterized as a complex interaction of stressors that is especially true for a crisis transition; therefore stress management can be seen as a penetrating approach in crisis-coping interventions. Lavallee, Nesti, et al. (2000) describe mentoring, information processing, and existential psychology approaches. Mentoring refers to a close relationship in which a mentor counsels, supports, and guides an athlete in a transition process. An information-processing approach is recommended as part of mentoring (Perna et al., 1996) and is based on the theoretical conception of account making in response to stress (Harvey, Weber, & Orbuch, 1990). Applied to athletes in transition, account making includes describing, explaining, and emotionally reacting to the transition demands. This results in creating storylike narratives with a relatively in-depth understanding of the situation and the adjustment experiences. Then a process of confiding is recommended, which implies sharing one s narrative with a significant other or others. Stress reduction in the athlete is expected when confidants react with empathy to his or her story, but the athlete s stress may increase when confidants are not emotionally involved in the discussion of the account. An existential psychology approach focuses on four key existential concerns: death, freedom, isolation, and meaninglessness. In addition, anxiety holds a central place and is seen as a functional feeling for personal growth. Lavallee, Nesti, et al. conclude that anxiety in career transitions can be used creatively to help develop a deeper level of self-knowledge and to grow toward new configurations of meaning (p. 127). The mobilization model of counseling athletes in crisis (Stambulova, 2000) is a framework for a dialogue between a consultant and an athlete in crisis. It is based on the ath-
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Australian Data [File ABE] Number of Cigarettes
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TABLE 13.1 Clinical Issues
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Table 9.8 presents a summary of the performance characteristics of the ve basic transmission media.
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Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
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As stated above, the probability matrix Pch characterizes a channel. This matrix is of order U V for a channel with U input symbols and V output symbols. Input symbols are characterized by the set of probabilities {P(x1 ), P(x2 ), . . . , P(xU )}, whereas output symbols are characterized by the set of probabilities {P(y1 ), P(y2 ), . . . , P(yV )}. P11 P21 = . . . PU 1 P12 P22 . . . PU 2 P1V P2V . . . PU V
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