Part III Understanding Visual Basic for Applications in Java

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If you don t specify a width for an absolutely positioned element (using the width property), the width is determined by the left and right properties.
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4.3 Machine Learning for Context Awareness
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Table 4.2 Conversion factors from mg/L to meq/L and mmol/L for major cations and anions and selected other species commonly found in groundwaters. (Adapted from Hem 1985.) Element and reported species Conversion factors, mg/L . . .* to meq/L to mmol/L
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Using custom functions in a worksheet formula is like using built-in functions, except that you must ensure that Excel can locate the Function procedure. If the Function procedure is in the same workbook, you don t have to do anything special. If it s in a different workbook, you may have to tell Excel where to find it. You can do so in three ways: Precede the function s name with a file reference. For example, if you want to use a function called CountNames that s defined in an open workbook named Myfuncs.xls, you can use the following reference:
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and each group has the same relative proportions of strong and weak members (high vs. low boxes). Figure 16.2 shows the equilibrium reached after six rounds of simulated discussion. Now the majority is 90% and the minority is 10%. Note that the minority opinion has survived by forming clusters of like-minded people and that these clusters are largely formed around strong individuals. These two group-level outcomes polarization and clustering are commonly observed in computer simulations (cf. Nowak et al., 1996; Latan , Nowak, & Liu, 1994) and are reminiscent of well-documented social processes. As noted earlier in this chapter, the average attitude in a group becomes polarized in the direction of the prevailing attitude as a result of group discussion (e.g., Moscovici & Zavalloni, 1969; Myers & Lamm, 1976). In the simulations, polarization re ects the greater in uence of the majority opinion. In the initial random con guration (Figure 16.1), the average proportion of neighbors holding a given opinion corresponds to the proportion of this opinion in the total group. The average group member, then, is surrounded by more majority than minority members, a difference that results in more minority members being converted to the majority position than vice versa. Some majority members are converted to the minority position, however, because they happen to be located close to an especially in uential minority member, or because by pure accident, more minority members happen to be at this location. Clustering is also pervasive in social life. Attitudes, for example, have been shown to cluster in residential neighborhoods (Festinger, Schachter, & Back, 1950). Pronounced clustering also characterizes political beliefs, religions, clothing fashions, and farming techniques. Clustering re ects the relatively strong in uence exerted by an individual s neighbors. When opinions are distributed randomly, the sampling of opinions through social interaction provides a reasonably accurate portrait of the distribution of opinions in the larger society. When opinions are clustered, however, the same sampling process will yield a highly biased result. Because the opinions of those in the nearby vicinity are weighted the most heavily, the prevalence of one s own opinion is likely to be overestimated. Hence, opinions that are in the minority in global terms can form a local majority. Individuals who hold a minority opinion are therefore likely to maintain this opinion in the belief that it represents a majority position. Control Factors for Social In uence The results concerning polarization and clustering have been con rmed analytically (Lewenstein et al., 1993) and have received empirical support as well (Latan , Liu, Nowak,
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312 12. Klinger and Niklason
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There appears to be no way to specify column headers for the ColumnHeads property when the list source is a VBA array.
NOTE: ERASE NOTIFICATIONS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED None of the global or item-specific pre- or post-erase notifications are currently supported in Windows CE.
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