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Toggling a Boolean property
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1A factor is a value, a symbol that we multiply by. To factor an expression is to break the expression up into components and when these components are multiplied together, we derive the original expression. For example 12 and 5 are factors of 60 because 12 5 60.
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LRN s belief system and not his integrity. LRN simply felt compelled to withdraw. It was hard not to take personally, David said. I was starting to get the message that here I am, the chief ethics of cer, and in essence it s being pointed out to me that at least some people perceive something I m doing has the appearance of a serious con ict of interest. It made me uncomfortable, defensive, or at least self-justifying and, you know, any number of other adjectives. We ended the conversation agreeing to disagree, and left it at that. In retrospect, I think we failed to humanize each other at that time. That s too common in business; people see each other as human doings, not human beings. At that point, I saw David as a businessman, the type of guy who, when he got off the phone, went on to the next task. I didn t realize that he was the kind of guy I could hurt or easily insult. Conversely, he probably didn t see me as the kind of guy who anguished and lost sleep over a principle. I think I saw you as a walking balance sheet, David said, or a pro tand-loss statement. I found it hard to believe or accept that we had really offended any values or important LRN standards. A couple of years went by. Altria picked a vendor. There was a lot of loss in the situation, for both LRN and Altria. I felt their pick should have withdrawn as well, and in my dourest moments I thought that maybe they kind of deserved each other. I took the position that life is long, and let s move on, said David. Neither of us had crossed any lines or said anything that we would regret, so we kept it distant and professional. During those years, David became an industry leader and something of a guru in this industry. He was often called upon to speak about his progress at Altria (which of course increased my disappointment at not being able to land the deal). I saw him speak at conferences and meetings. It was awkward. He would speak, and I would speak, but we didn t speak to each other. Our reputations grew, and we grew more familiar with each other s reputations. I was impressed by his passion and commitment; he seemed like a good guy. Then one day, I got a voice mail from David suggesting a meeting. At the time I called, David explained, LRN was developing something that was new, advanced, different, and no one else had. I am not dogmatic in my beliefs, nor do I think I m infallible. As I grew into my position and became part of the community, I started to understand more of what I didn t know. I took as my mandate that Altria needs to have the best possible program, so I reached out, despite our past. I saw it as the principled thing to do.
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392 The Forthcoming Revolution
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5 Driving Roomba
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Alternatively, a matrix with dominating principal diagonal is sometimes called a Hadamard matrix. (See dominatmg pnncipal
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and lobby are to be considered together in design and function. The organization of the front desk, with its computers and vast amounts of details, revolves around an uncomplicated guideline: keep it simple. Mr. Corprew provides plenty of key machines (electronic devices to make electronic guest room keys); ensures that all staff follow standard operating procedures, such as keeping faxes and mail in one location; and requires associates to be considerate of guests needs. His organizational principle is continued at the time of check-in, when a 100 percent automated use of a property management system only requires the associate to swipe a credit card and to prepare and present the room key to the guest. Kevin Corprew urges young professionals who want to make a career in the hospitality industry to lead by example with high morals and standards and not to be something that they are not. He encourages students to start in entry-level jobs so they will have a basis for dealing with employees.
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