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chips of low mesh size is kept below 400 C to prevent self-ignition. The composition of the smoke can be controlled by modifying the content of oxygen in the air mixture. Selfignition of the uidized sawdust bed may be prevented even at a temperature as high as 750 C if the concentration of oxygen in the gas mixture is reduced to 6% (Balejko and Miler 1988). The quality of the smoke produced in a uidized bed at such a high temperature is equal to that from a smoldering-type generator.
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Playing to Your Strengths
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48, which covers JavaScript, explains why you might set the display property to none.
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treatment would be a liability in group comparison design provided adherence to the treatment is in fact related to outcome as claimed. In other words, in developmental stages of any but the simplest of treatment interventions (e.g., providing a particular drug or implementing a hierarchy of extinction procedures for a sharply defined phobia), adherence will vary quite a bit. This variability will reflect changes that accompany expected noise, such as increases in therapist competence in adhering to the treatment model. If the design involves group comparisons, variations in adherence will cause a serious loss of power. If the design is based on adherence/outcome correlations, variability will instead increase the power of the design. The broader the range in therapist skills at adhering to the model, the wider the range in outcome and correlations will be again, provided adherence relates directly to outcome as it should if the treatment performs as claimed. Investigators may not like the recommendation in favor of the adherence/outcome correlational design for developmental research. It requires theorists and researchers to define and monitor adherence to the treatment model far more carefully than is typically the case. It is much easier simply to rely on generic supervisor opinion about adherence and assume thereafter that the manuals are being correctly implemented. By contrast, the recommended correlational design demands precision about and constant assessment of adherence to the model. Under this model, the presence of a manual is taken very seriously, and its proper use is integral to the study s design. For validation of effectiveness to obtain, outcome must be shown to be directly contingent on reliable assessments of adherence to the manual. This requirement is demanding on the theorists and researchers to be sure the manual says all that needs to be said and that the research measures relate specifically to that. 2. In addition to providing a more efficient and more powerful design, emphasis on developing and using reliable and valid measures of adherence would facilitate training. It would establish clear standards for certification in the given treatment approach. Competence would be more clearly defined than if it is simply the result of supervisor pass/fail judgments. Components of the model that perform poorly in the adherence outcome tests could be dropped from certification requirements. Critical ones could be weighed more heavily. Such well-operationalized standards for certification of competence in an approach would enhance exportability and generalizability of a treatment approach. Replication failures would be less likely and/or less vulnerable to claims that the failed replication did not really use the stated approach. 3. A set of reliable adherence measures that assess conformity to the model would also allow direct tests of any theory about mechanism and causality if included in the treatment approach. For example, if a theory of a therapy presumes to target underlying motivation, adherence measures should reflect the degree to which that was done, and if attention to causal mechanisms was as prescribed by the manual, outcome should be improved. This would comprise a databased test of the validity of the underling theory of the treatment approach. Despite psychology s present predilections to embrace raw empiricism as in the EST movement, validated theory has often turned out to have enhanced usefulness and generality in the history of science (Poincare, 1905).
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The Strength of an Algorithm Is in the Key
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