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Adult Development and Aging
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Systems Theory Foundations of Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy
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CONCLUSIONS Many issues and questions must be addressed in future research on attitudes in social behavior. One important issue is the internal structure of attitudes, including the dimensionality of attitudes and the conditions under which different components of attitudes are more in uential than are other components. A related issue is the distinction between implicit attitudes and explicit attitudes (or between implicit and explicit measures of attitudes), including the question of which sorts of behavior are best predicted by each type of attitude (measure). The connections between attitudes and broader constructs like values and ideologies also need to be clari ed. Turning to a different domain, the role of biological factors in attitude formation and change seems likely to receive more attention over the next decade. Finally, the connection between attitudes and behavior will continue to interest social psychologists, with models of attitude-behavior consistency becoming increasingly complex. For example, prediction may be improved by simultaneously taking into account attitudes toward all of the different behavioral options in a setting. In closing, the evidence described in this chapter supports the importance of the construct of attitude. Because of their broad evaluative nature, attitudes may potentially re ect diverse beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. In addition, these evaluations serve a number of attitude functions and vary on several characteristics (e.g., ambivalence, certainty). Most important is that attitudes in uence a wide variety of important social behaviors. Indeed, no matter what the setting, personal evaluations play a role in information processing and in behavior. The obsession of popular culture with the concept
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Note: The for..in statement iterates over properties of objects in the iterated prototype chain of the object. If a child object s prototype is parent, for..in will also iterate over the properties of parent. See Creating inheritance on page 241.
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1 What Is MythTV
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Aliasing Two or More Input Bands into a Baseband Quantization Levels Hilbert Transform Change from Complex to Real Data Effect of Sampling Frequency Accuracy Summary References
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Figure 24.3 Differences in effect sizes in physical activity across stages for physical activity studies. Source: The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change: A Meta-Analysis of Applications to Physical Activity and Exercise, by S. J. Marshall and S. J. H. Biddle, 2001, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 23, pp. 229 246. Reprinted with permission.
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Transient time-dependent solutions for diffusion to a droplet radius R (e.g. [1]) exist to this equation with a timescale D = R 2 /D = 10 7 R( m)2 s (3.18) for D = 10 5 m2 s 1 . These timescales are much shorter than time changes relevant to aerosols in environmental atmospheric situations, so that it is always justi ed to use quasi-stationary solutions to Equation (3.17), which nevertheless can refer to concentrations at boundaries that are time dependent on a much longer timescale. Then we can take c/ t = 0 and obtain the original solution of Maxwell [13] to the equation, with c depending on 1/r and a constant total molecular mass current to the droplet of J D = 4 mDr 2 dc /dr = 4 mD R[c ( ) c (R)] (3.19)
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