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Multimodality and Personalisation
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9. Select the second line of code and change the value from 25 to 50. 10. Choose Control Test Movie. As a result of your changes, the background movie clip is now brighter and the mask is rotating counterclockwise. When you click the mask, it becomes an ellipse. After you re done experimenting with the movie, examine the ActionScript used to code the mask. This will give you a taste of what you ll learn in upcoming chapters.
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Sub Discount3() Quantity = InputBox( Enter Quantity: ) Select Case Quantity Case Exit Sub Case 0 To 24 Discount = 0.1 Case 25 To 49 Discount = 0.15 Case 50 To 74 Discount = 0.2 Case Is >= 75 Discount = 0.25 End Select MsgBox Discount: & Discount End Sub
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model (Cliff, 1992, offers various reasons for this neglect). Therefore, it is unlikely that most scales represent additivity in either an empirical, conjoint, or scaled sense. On the other hand, it seems reasonable that the property of order is represented in many cases. Order is much more easily justi ed than additivity because one need only argue that two individuals with different scores on a measure can be ordered in terms of the empirical amount of the construct in question, provided the scores are reasonably consistent. This ordering seems sensible in many situations, even when we cannot determine meaningful distance between the ordered individuals. Therefore, it seems realistic to assume that much of the data in the social sciences are ordinal. The advantage of ordinal methods is that they deal explicitly with the order of the data. Most of the methods to be presented later are based on ordinal comparisons between scores. Pairs of scores on a variable are compared in terms of the order relations less than, greater than, and equal to. This is the most appropriate treatment when order is the only justi ed scaling property of the data. Many Research Questions Are Ordinal Many of the types of research questions commonly posed tacitly acknowledge that many data are ordinal. When forming research questions, few researchers take seriously the speci c interpretations provided for by highly parametric methods. For example, rather than expressing questions about the correlation between two variables in unit-based functional terms, most researchers simply want to know if high scores on one variable tend to go with high (or low) scores on the other variable (Long & Cliff, 1997). The same can be said in the case of group comparisons. Instead of expressing questions about group difference in terms of the unit difference between two parameters, researchers often simply want to know if people in one group tend to score higher on a variable than people in the other group (Cliff, 1996a, 1996b). These common types of research questions are ordinal in nature. An advantage of ordinal methods is that they directly provide answers to ordinal questions. In addition, there is some protection from overinterpreting results. Ordinal methods do not tempt us to the unit-based interpretations that are not warranted when highly parametric methods are applied to ordinal data. Invariance Under Monotonic Transformation Af ne Transformation In his seminal work, Stevens (1951) de ned various scales of measurement in terms of what he called admissible
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channels are selected so that the APs using the same channel are geographically separated the furthest. When multiple WLANs colocate, the traf c load carried by one WLAN will impact the resource utilization of other WLANs due to cochannel interference. This is illustrated in Fig. 2.2 by considering cell 4 in WLAN A, which operates on frequency channel 1. If offered traf c load is increased in this cell, then the impact will be felt in closeby cells sharing the same frequency channel, that is, cells 1 and 7 in WLAN A and cells 2 and 8 in WLAN B. Depending on the RF propagation characteristics, it is possible for additional cells to be impacted by interference signals that are of suf cient strength to cause contention within nearby cells. Therefore, stations in the impacted area contend for the channel based on the additional interference traf c. From the gure, it can be observed that optimizing the load in domain A independent of the resource requirement of domain B is likely to impact domain B s performance. As a result, loadbalancing techniques designed for one domain may not be suitable for multiple colocated WLANs if the interrelationship between colocated domains is not taken into consideration. This is the motivation for developing a new resource management scheme in a multidomain environment. Overview of the Resource Management Scheme. The goal of the resource management scheme is to minimize the total system cost by adjusting resource allocation in each domain. The cost is what the system needs to pay to support all the client stations to achieve performance requirements. It is related to the available radio resources for supporting the offered load in each domain and mitigating interference from the operational environment. The LNC manages resource sharing across domains by controlling the
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every charge and investigation lodged against him. The same holds true for companies, stores, and eBay sellers. In the information age, life has no chapters or closets; you can leave nothing behind and you have nowhere to hide your skeletons. Your past is your present, and it catches up with you like a truck backing over what it left behind. It s not just smoking-gun e-mails like Chung s that get people into trouble in the information age. With the democratization of information, anyone can publish whatever they think at whatever time he or she thinks it, true or false. The standard of information veri cation has been lowered. In the mass media age of the 1980s and 1990s, large media companies still acted as the gatekeepers and watchdogs of public information. A professional class of journalists and editors vetted most claims and accusations for veracity before broadcasting them, applying a standard of independent proof and corroboration, or they paid the price for neglecting to do so. Information technology takes this responsibility out of the hands of trained professionals and places it in the hands of anyone with a keyboard. Any disgruntled employee can strike back. A dishonorable accuser with a false accusation can gain instant currency. As was prophetically said in a time before electronic communications (attributed to Mark Twain by some), A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. 20 Now, it can circle the earth numerous times in the time truth takes to simply think, shoe. Reputations formerly carved in stone now seem easily besmirched by anyone with access to a keyboard. Accusations still uninvestigated gain as much currency as proven truth and, even if they are untrue, consume signi cant resources to defend against. Technology provides just about everyone the ability to quickly and cheaply compare and contrast reputations before making decisions. As reputation becomes more perishable, its value increases. As it becomes more accessible, it becomes a greater asset and liability.
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knoppmyth screen=1280x1024 depth=24 This option specifies screen resolu-
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How Crypto and Stego Make You More Secure
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Non-practical region
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Essential Animal Behavior 5
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