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MTIfKeyNotMatched Outputs contained text if a given key is not matched using an IfKeyMatches tag. MTKeyName Outputs the name of a key (only useful when iterating over key/value
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For data interchange circuits, the signal shall be considered in the marking condition when the voltage (V 1 ) on the interchange circuit, measured at the interface point, is more negative than minus three volts with respect to circuit AB (signal ground). The signal shall be considered in the spacing condition when the voltage V 1 is more positive than plus three volts with respect to circuit AB. . . . The region between plus three volts and minus three volts is de ned as the transition region. The signal state is not uniquely de ned when the voltage (V 1 ) is in this transition region.
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The previous system is very simple and direct and shows you how the Technorati service can be loosely tied to Movable Type with a PerlScript. Indeed, any REST-based web service that can be controlled with URLs can be used in the same way. There are, however, serious flaws with this method. One problem with this system is that it is quite fragile if Technorati is down when you attempt to rebuild your pages. As it stands, in fact, the script will die, and take your rebuild with it. Therefore, you need to add in some fault tolerance to the script, and drop back to the <MTEntryTitle> when you can t get the data you want. Plus, if you re including this as a template module in your individual entry archives, the first time you rebuild your entire site you ll probably be trying to pass a few thousand queries to Technorati in a row, with all but the very first few totally pointless. You need to deal with both of these issues, and to do so with the PerlScript method would mean writing your own caching and fault tolerance code. It s far too nice a day to be stuck inside doing that, so let s cheat. The way to accomplish both of these fixes is to use another plugin Kevin Shay s GetXML from www.staggernation.com/mtplugins/GetXMLReadMe.html. GetXML can replace the entire PerlScript code shown previously, taking care of retrieving the query, parsing the result, caching the result, and fault-tolerance. Here s the template with GetXML instead of MTPerlScript:
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Three-layer hierarchy of MLP.
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When you select an object, the Property inspector displays the object s stroke and fill, its pixel dimensions, and the x and y coordinates of the object s transformation point.
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Table 2.1 Costs and bene ts of awareness systems [41] Costs Obligations: Social obligations felt or created as a result of using the awareness system Expectations: Expectations for communication raised or unmet as a result of using the awareness system Privacy: The extent to which awareness threatens privacy Bene ts Thinking about: Thinking about another and knowing one is thought about Staying Aware: The extent to which people feel aware of the daily life activities of others Connected: The feeling of being connected or in touch Sharing experiences: How much one feels other people are involved in his/her life, sharing experiences Recognition: The extent to which each other s feelings are understood Group attraction: The feeling of being part of a group
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value is not used by NM_HOTSPOT.
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6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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15.4 MOBILE AD HOC NETWORKS AND THE INTERNET The wide acceptance of Internet standards and technologies was and is one of the key steps for building global computer networks capable of connecting everything and reaching everyone. In the near future, with the advent of inexpensive wireless technologies, a large number of users will be mobile. Extending IP internetworking for seamless operation over wireless communication technologies challenges present performance requirements of network protocols and applications, especially if wireless technologies evolve to become a significant part of the infrastructure [46]. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group on Mobile Ad Hoc NETworks (MANET) is standardizing routing in ad hoc networks. The group studies routing specifications, with the goal of supporting networks scaling up to hundreds of routers [40]. The work of MANET relies on other existing IETF standards such as mobile IP and IP addressing. A mobile ad hoc network that explicitly supports the Internet still presents the major salient characteristics we described above, as described in [16]: 1. 2. 3. 4. Dynamic topologies Bandwidth-constrained and variable capacity links Energy-constrained operation Limited physical security
iii. Airport 1. Hotels 2. Motels 3. All-suites 4. Limited-service iv. Highway 1. Motels 2. All-suites 3. Limited-service 4. Extended-stay
The Ground Segments
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