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5: Configuring Your Wireless Card
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Steganography Source Code
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Current and Future Trends and Challenges
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E-Lead Open Open Ground Ground
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Jury Selection
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Working in Flash
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28 Adding Colors and Backgrounds
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accessing BIOS, 138 account administrator, renaming, 17 19 closing after identity theft, 184 e-mail, using multiple, 86, 183 Guest, disabling, 19 20 limited, for children, creating, 123 124 virtual, for e-shopping, 122 Windows, creating password for, 135 136, 177 Accurate Credit Transaction Act, 184 administrator account, renaming, 17 19 Advanced Attributes window, 154, 156 Advanced Privacy Settings window, 108 Advanced tab Content Advisor, 127 Internet Options, 109 110 allowing automatic software installation, 10, fake e-mail from, 81 anonymously sur ng Web, 182 183 anti-phishing toolbar, 77 anti-spam software, 86 anti-spyware program cookie and, 93 using, 69 70 antivirus software for cell phone, 74 infection, actions to take for, 62 63 scanning with, 62 updating, 61 Web sites, 60 61 AOL, fake e-mail from, 81 Approved Sites tab (Content Advisor), 126 attachment to instant message, 117 viewing blocked e-mail, 49 50 attachment alerts, enabling in Outlook, 56 auto log-on avoiding, 173, 180 disabling, 73 instant messaging and, 118 AutoComplete, disabling, 107 108, 173 automatic dialing, 68 Automatic Updates tab (System Properties dialog box), 7 automatically allowing software installation, 10 automatically updating Windows, 6 7 auto-save of credit information, avoiding, 180 avoiding auto log-on, 173, 180 auto-save of credit information, 180 convenience check, 182 obvious password, 139 phishing, 76 77 private chat, 119
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ESD Device
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