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wire s diameter is indicated by its gauge. Here we mean American Wire Gauge (AWG), formerly known as Brown & Sharpe (B&S). Table A.1 compares common AWG values with copper wire diameter in mm and the resistance in ohms per kilometer (Q / km).
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1:00 41-year-old Caucasian man with Bipolar Disorder coming to grips with the aftermath of first major bipolar break. 2:30 Lesbian couple in 50s working on commitment issues. 3:00 Pick up children from school and do mom time and other after school activities almost everyday.
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After this, each additional bit of k reduces the set by half, and we proceed along the line of slope 1 until k = K(x n |n). For k K(x n |n), the smallest set that can be described that includes x n is the singleton {x n }, and hence Kk (x n |n) = 0. We will now illustrate the concept with a few examples. 1. Bernoulli( ) sequence. Consider a sample of length n from a Bernoulli sequence with an unknown parameter . As discussed in k Example 14.2, we can describle this sequence with nH n + 1 log n 2 bits using a two stage description where we describe k in the rst stage (using log n bits) and then describe the sequence within all sequences with k ones (using log n bits). However, we can use an k even shorter rst stage description. Instead of describing k exactly, we divide the range of k into bins and describe k only to an accu k racy of n n k n using 1 log n bits. Then we describe the actual n 2
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two nodes at distance r is proportional to u(r) r a c, where a is power attenuation factor (a number between 2 and 6), while c is a constant that accounts for the cost of running hardware at nodes and minimum reception power. Although most researchers assume c 0, which enables them to prove some nice properties, in reality it is c . 0, which means that selecting a very close forwarding neighbor may not be the best choice when energy is the criterion. An edge AB is in the enclosure graph if and only if direct transmission between A and B is a power-optimal solution for a given set of nodes. That is, u(jABj) u(jACj) u(jCBj) for any common neighbor C of A and B. The enclosure graph is undirectional. In the case when a 2 and c 0, the enclosure graph becomes equivalent to GG, illustrated in Figure 10.10. 10.5.8 Cone-Based Topology
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This attribute defaults to 0, in which case the leading text, trailing text, and labels of empty fields are not shown. If set to 1, the little bits of text will be shown, but the value will not. The <MTImageInfoField> tag displays the different fields within the Exif data. It takes the following three parameters:
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Part VII Other Topics
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2.2.2 Modes of recharge: direct vs. indirect
The budgeting cycle is a five-part process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Establish attainable goals (remember the limiting factors). Plan to achieve these goals. Analyze differences between planned and actual results. Take any necessary corrective action. Improve the effectiveness of budgeting.
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