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The microcontroller in Roomba is more like the microcontrollers presented in the previous chapter: tiny, cheap, and works great for the limited functionality required of it. Putting a real OS on the microcontroller isn t feasible. Even if it was, iRobot hasn t released the specifications for firmware upgrade nor has the hacker community bothered to reverse-engineer how to do it. Instead, you can add one of these OS-capable embedded boards to the robot, laying it on top, and communicating to the robot through its ROI protocol. So, it is Linux on Roomba, just not Linux in Roomba. The small systems that run a stripped down version of Linux often have more in common with tiny microcontrollers like the Basic Stamp than a desktop computer. In the computer/ microcontroller comparison of Figure 13-1, they re definitely on the microcontroller side. Unlike many operating systems, Linux is highly scalable. It s used on terabyte-sized supercomputers and yet can be shrunk down to a few megabytes to run on a microcontroller. These Linuxcapable controllers are much simpler than a full Linux server or desktop system and you don t have to be a Linux expert to make them work. You do need to have familiarity with the command line, as in the previous chapters, but you don t need to be a professional Linux system administrator. If you re new to Linux, this is a great way learn the basics. All the techniques used below are applicable to larger Linux systems
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KeepDynamic.com/qrcode Middle Cluster. In the middle cluster, besides ordinary nodes, we must account for the presence of the bridge, that is, the coordinator from the bottom cluster. For an ordinary node, we apply the model from Section 16.5 to the environment of middle cluster and use expression (16.4) for tmid. The access probability for the bridge coming from the bottom cluster can be modeled as tbri;mid 1 nbot tbot SD 16 16:19
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The mythfilldatabase program is essential to MythTV s ability to do its job. What this program does is update MythTV s database with the latest and greatest television programming data. MythTV needs this information to know what to record, to display guide data, and much more. After your initial run of mythfilldatabase, which should populate your database with several days worth of guide data, subsequent runs pick up any changes for the current day, plus the next day in the future for which you don t yet have any guide data. In the early days of MythTV, a cron job handled this task, and would typically run daily. Unfortunately, almost everyone (at least in the U.S.) ran mythfilldatabase at the same time, which overwhelmed the listing providers. Then, cron jobs started including a tweak to include a random delay before executing, which did stretch out listings requests a bit, but not enough. Enough of these cron jobs still started at the same time to bog the listing providers down. This route is no longer recommended, and is not covered here.
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Masters, R. S. W. (1992). Knowledge, knerves and know-how: The role of explicit versus implicit knowledge in the breakdown of a complex motor skill under pressure. British Journal of Psychology, 83, 343 358. Masters, R. S. W. (2000). Theoretical aspects of implicit learning in sport. International Journal of Sports Psychology, 31, 530 541. Masters, R. S. W., & Liao, C. (2003). Chunking as a characteristic of implicit motor learning. In R. Stelter (Ed.), Proceedings of the 11th European Congress of Sport Psychology: New Approaches to Exercise and Sport Psychology Theories, Methods and Applications (pp. 137 138). Copenhagen, Denmark: University of Copenhagen, Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Masters, R. S. W., & Maxwell, J. P. (2004). Implicit motor learning, reinvestment and movement disruption: What you don t know won t hurt you. In A. M. Williams & N. J. Hodges (Eds.), Skill acquisition in sport: Research, theory, and practice (pp. 207 228). London: Routledge. Masters, R. S. W., Maxwell, J. P., & Eves, F. F. (2001, May). Implicit motor learning: Perception of outcome feedback without awareness. Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of Sport Psychology, Skiathos, Greece. Masters, R. S. W., Polman, R. C. J., & Hammond, N. V. (1993). Reinvestment : A dimension of personality implicated in skill breakdown under pressure. Personality and Individual Dif ferences, 14, 655 666. Maxwell, J. P., & Masters, R. S. W. (2002). External versus internal focus instructions: Is the learner paying attention International Journal of Applied Sport Science, 14, 70 88. Maxwell, J. P., Masters, R. S. W., & Eves, F. F. (2000). From novice to no know-how: A longitudinal study of implicit motor learning. Journal of Sport Sciences, 18, 110 118. Maxwell, J. P., Masters, R. S. W., & Eves, F. F. (2003). The role of working memory in motor learning and performance. Consciousness and Cognition, 12, 376 402. Maxwell, J. P., Masters, R. S. W., Kerr, E., & Weedon, E. (2001). The implicit benefit of learning without errors. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 54A, 1049 1068. McLeod, P. (1977). A dual task response modality effect: Support for multiprocessor models of attention. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 29, 651 667. McLeod, P. (1980). What can probe RT tell us about the attentional demands of movement In G. E. Stelmach & J. Requin (Eds.), Tutorials in motor behavior (pp. 579 589). Amsterdam: North Holland. McLeod, P., & Driver, J. (1993). Filtering and physiology in visual search: A convergence of behavioral and neurophysiological measures. In A. Baddeley & L. Weiskrantz (Eds.), Attention: Selection, awareness, and control (pp. 72 86). Oxford: Clarendon Press.
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Similarly, XML enables software to operate only at the syntactic level. There is a widely promoted fallacy that data that can be parsed are suf cient for software to interoperate. At best, XML makes it possible for businesses or developer groups to share data, provided they agree on the semantics of those data in advance. Hence, XML provides data interoperability where shared semantics can be assumed. XML does nothing at all to create semantic interoperability. Although labeled software s lingua franca XML, it isn t even a lingua. XML is an alphabet or token set that provides the primitives for describing larger concepts, and it works by allowing an unlimited number of semantic concepts to be encoded using those primitives. A true lingua consists of not only the set of tokens but also a speci c grammar and the corresponding semantics. Projects like the semantic Web and DAML-S are working toward de ning a true linqua franca by de ning ontologies, enabling meaning to be shared.
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Reminder: For an (m x m) matrix A,
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relationships can be examined. When the phenomena of interest are complex and multidimensional, SEM is the only analysis that allows complete and simultaneous tests of all the relationships. In the social sciences we often pose hypotheses at the level of the construct. With other statistical methods these construct-level hypotheses are tested at the level of a measured variable (an observed variable with measurement error). Mismatching the level of hypothesis and level of analysis although problematic, and often overlooked may lead to faulty conclusions. A distinct advantage of SEM is the ability to test construct-level hypotheses at the appropriate level. Another critical advantage of SEM over the basic general linear model or simple regression is that variables that are dependent variables also can play the role of predictor variables in the model as a whole. So, in Figure 24.2 Acceptance of Risky Behavior is a dependent variable with respect to Weak Institutional Bonds and gender. Yet it is also a predictor of It is OK to drink and It is OK to smoke. This feature uniquely allows SEM to model mediation effects. Here, Acceptance of Risky Behavior is a mediator of the effect of Weak Institutional Bonds and gender on degree of endorsement with It is OK to smoke and It is OK to drink.
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