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gies (e.g., GPS) in mobile devices and networks, location-based services will be available soon. This also leads to a need for extending traditional database functions in mobile database systems. Finally, personal information management has gradually become an important part of our daily lives. While PDAs and mobile phones have to store and manage some information such as contacts and calendars internally, they usually have to synchronize with some unified information repository to make the intended applications effective. Thus, an interesting issue is the architecture modeling of these device-driven mobile applications. Moreover, this model can be extended to enterprise applications. In this environment, business logic is embedded in enterprise infrastructure and the mobile devices are the terminals. How the mobile devices and network infrastructure combine to serve the users is an interesting research issue and needs further development in mobile database systems. 26.2 DATA MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN MOBILE ENVIRONMENTS Mobile computing can possibly be viewed as a variation of traditional distributed computing from the data management point of view. In general, there are two possible scenarios: the entire database is distributed only among the wired components, e.g., the mobile switching stations (MSS), each base station managing its own share of the database with the additional capability of locating the components of the databases that are not locally available. The other approach is also similar: the entire database is distributed over both the wired and wireless components of the system. There are several issues that generally complicate the various functionalities of a database management system, including: Design of database. Mobility of the hosts (clients) and frequent disconnection between clients and servers in an unpredictable manner compounds the problem of global name resolution; also, the dynamic nature of the constantly changing location information to be stored further complicates the design. Replication of data. Since the data is partially replicated in many places and the availability of the duplicates changes rapidly with time (the expected scenario in mobile computing), the version control and consistency management are more challenging. In addition, providing correct execution of transactions, which are executed at multiple base stations and multiple data sets, needs special attention due to mobility and frequent disconnection of the mobile units. Most of these and other problems are handled, in some form or other, via caching data in the mobile units and periodically validating these data using different techniques. The protocols and frequency of validation of the data have a profound influence on the performance of the data management in mobile environments. 26.3 CACHING OF DATA Caching relevant data at the hosts is an effective tool for improving performance (query response time and throughput) in any distributed system. Important issues in designing an
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The GPS has paved the way for the positioning revolution, as portable clocks did about two centuries ago for the time revolution. It is dif cult to imagine what the future of positioning will be but let us remember some fundamentals :
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Part V Lay It Out Like the Pros
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14.3.1 Assumptions for Industrial Inferential Sensor Development
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Currently, most copies of Excel are sold as part of Microsoft Office a suite of products that includes a variety of other programs (the exact programs you get depend on which version of Office you buy). Obviously, it helps if the programs can communicate well with each other. Microsoft is at the forefront of this trend. All the Office products have extremely similar user interfaces, and all support VBA.
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The Add100Buttons procedure requires a UserForm named UserForm1. The procedure starts by deleting all controls on the form using the Remove method of the Controls collection, and then deleting all of the code in the code module using the DeleteLines method of the CodeModule object. Next, the CommandButtons are added and the event-handler procedures are created within two For-Next loops. These event-handlers are very simple. Here s an example of such a procedure for CommandButton1:
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Puts Roomba to sleep, the same as a normal power button press. The Device Detect line must be held low for 500 ms to wake up Roomba from sleep. The ROI must be in safe or full mode to accept this command. This command puts the ROI in passive mode. Serial sequence: [133] Spot Command opcode: 134 Number of data bytes: 0
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