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Justice, Equity, and Fairness in Human Relations
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researchers controlled for narcissism statistically, self-esteem did not predict aggressive behavior. Thus it appears that narcissism is the better predictor of interpersonal hostility. This ts the view that aggression comes from only a subset of people with high self-esteem, while other people with high self-esteem are not aggressive. Other research has found that narcissists are willing to derogate others after receiving threatening feedback (e.g., Kernis & Sun, 1994). They react with hostility, denigration, and aggression when they feel threatened (Rhodewalt & Morf, 1998). In fact, a recent study found that men incarcerated in prisons scored signi cantly higher in narcissism than samples of male college students (Bushman, Baumeister, Phillips, & Gilligan, 2001). Levels of self-esteem, however, did not differ between the two groups. Thus narcissists tend to be more personally sensitive to criticism, but insensitive to how their behavior affects others. Like the research on selfesteem presented earlier, these results suggest that in ated self-views can often lead to poor consequences for interpersonal relationships. Re ected Appraisals The re ected appraisals model suggests that people learn about themselves by interacting with others. People nd out what other people think of them and then internalize these opinions into their self-views. In addition, information about the self often is meaningful only in comparison to others, as social comparison theory emphasizes. One is only fat or thin, intelligent or stupid, friendly or hostile in comparison to other people. In these cases and many others, self-knowledge can grow only when people make these implicit comparisons. Much of re ected appraisals theory stems from symbolic interactionism (e.g., Mead, 1934). Mead s theory argues that most self-knowledge comes from social interactions. The process of re ected appraisals (i.e., how other people s appraisals of you shape your self-understanding) is often described with Cooley s (1902) term the looking-glass self. Using an antiquated term for a mirror, the looking-glass self posits that other people provide the mirror through which individuals see and understand themselves. Cooley (1902) argued that the self-concept consists of the imagination of our appearance to the other person; the imagination of his judgment of that appearance, and some sort of self-feeling, such as pride or morti cation (p. 184). Thus our self-esteem is also heavily in uenced by what others think of us. Mead (1934) elaborated on this notion by suggesting that the self is also shaped by our vision of how a generalized other perceives us. The generalized other is
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The advantage of using both a Dim and a Set statement is that the object isn t actually created until the Set statement is executed. You may want to use this technique to save memory by not creating an object if it s not needed. For example, your code might contain logic that determines whether the object is actually created. In addition, using the Set command enables you to create multiple instances of an object. After creating an instance of the object, you can write other instructions to access the properties and methods defined in the class module.
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The value at the end of the command represents the delay in seconds for every 150 pixels the sheet is resized. If you never try this trick, NSWindowResizeTime is set to 0.2. You can make the value as low as zero, although numbers below .01 or so look about the same. And if you really want to test your patience (or someone else s), you re not limited to any maximum value. But have mercy!
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Digital waveforms lend themselves to transmission by wire pair, coaxial cable, beroptic cable, and wideband radio media. The PCM multiplex format using an AMI signal was rst applied to wire-pair cable (see Section 5.5). Its use on coaxial cable is now deprecated in favor of ber-optic cable. Each transmission medium has limitations brought about by impairments. In one way or another each limitation is a function of the length of a link employing the medium and the transmission rate (i.e., bit rate). We have discussed loss, for example. As loss increases (i.e., between regenerative repeaters), signal-to-noise ratio suffers, directly impacting bit error performance. The following transmission impairments to PCM transmission are covered: jitter, distortion, noise, and crosstalk. The design of long-distance digital links is covered in 9.
Please note the peculiar naming convention that Linux uses to label raw drive partitions it is consistent throughout, and is used later when mounting or unmounting drive images. Each partition name begins with the universal device entry, /dev, and is assigned a drive letterletter-number combination according to its IDE channel position. For example, the first drive on IDE channel 0 appears simply as /dev/hda, with its first and second partitions at /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2, respectively. Later, you may interrogate the drive s partition table by pointing the native Linux fdisk utility at /dev/hda, which in turn shows partitions hda1 and hda2 (and any others you may have created). As described in 2, you may use fdisk l on the command line to reveal all attached drives that the operating system recognizes, including removable media.
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