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psychological services, including psychological testing, psychotherapy, consultation, and research. In 1946, the VA requested 4,700 clinical psychologists be employed in the VA system. The chief medical director of the VA system met with officials from a group of major universities to request that formal training programs in clinical psychology be developed. By later that year, 200 graduate students in clinical psychology were being trained at 22 VA institutions (Peck & Ash, 1964). VA hospitals offered clinical psychologists secure job positions, attractive salaries, and the freedom to provide a full range of professional services. By the early 1950s, the VA hospitals became the largest single employer of clinical psychologists in the United States (Maher & Maher, 1985b; Peck & Ash, 1964). Academic psychologists had mixed feelings about the tremendous boom in clinical psychology due to the needs of the VA hospitals. Many thought that this was an opportunity to increase the activities, prestige, and influence of clinical psychology. Many others were disinterested in the applied aspects of psychology, preferring to focus solely on the science of psychology in academic environments. This division between science and practice has remained an area of contention within psychology from the very earliest days of the discipline until the present.
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In [25], the authentication latency is de ned as the time from the instant when the MU sends an authentication request to the instant when the MU receives
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The above rule indicates that when the dominating (absorbant) neighbor set of u (excluding v) is covered by the dominating (absorbant) of v, vertex u can be removed from D if the ID of u is smaller than that of v. Note that u and v may or may not be connected (they are bidirectional or unidirectional). The role of ID is very important in avoiding illegal simultaneous removal of vertices in V when Rule 1a is applied simultaneously to each vertex. In general, vertex u cannot be removed even if Nd(u) {v} Nd(v) and Na(u) {v} Na(v) in D, unless id(u) < id(v). Consider a graph of four vertices, u, v, s, and t, with four undirected edges (u, s), (s, v), (v, t), and (t, u). All four vertices will be marked using the extended marking process. Also, Nd(u) = Nd(v) = Na(u) = Na(v) = (s, t)[Nd(s) = Nd(t) = Na(s) = Na(t) = (u, v)]. Without using ID, both u and v (also s and t) will be unmarked, leaving no marked vertex. With ID, one of u and v (also s and t) will be unmarked, leaving two marked vertices. Rule 2a: Assume that v and w are two marked vertices in D . Unmark u if the following conditions hold. 1. Nd(u) {v, w} Nd(v) Nd(w) and Na(u) {v, w} 2. id(u) = min{id(u), id(v), id(w)}. 3. v and w are bidirectionally connected. Na(v) Na(w) in D.
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As with the operating system, the application server requirements for the dashboard software must fall within the domain of supportable application servers within the organization. Some of the popular application servers are Windows 2000 and 2003, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Apache Tomcat, Apple WebObjects, JBoss, SAP AG Application Server, Sun Java Application Server, Oracle Application Server, Macromedia MX, and JRun Servers. There must be a match between the version of the application server on both sides the dashboard software requirements must also match what is supported within the organization.
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Corrections made in this manner are thorough and can run for great lengths of time especially on particularly outdated distributions and packages, or machines working with conservative system specifications. On a 2.2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 processor with 1 GB of DDR400 RAM, the aforementioned process was timed with the following results:
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LATENT CLASS ANALYSIS 664 The Concept of a Latent Class 664 The LCA Mathematical Model and Related Issues 665 The Use of Parameter Restrictions 667 Model Selection and Goodness-of-Fit 668 Assessing the Quality of Categorical Measures 669 A LATENT CLASS EXAMPLE: ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION 670 The Mathematical Model and Parameters Estimated 670 The Five-Class Solution 671 Examining the Effect of Gender 672 EXTENSIONS OF LCA TO REPEATED MEASURES 673 Latent Markov Models 674 Latent Transition Analysis 674
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needed in sport. The point of the model is to clarify the objectives for mental training programs by emphasizing that mental skill foundations, personal development abilities, and team skills, along with performance skills, are key mental training targets for sport psychology consultants. As discussed in the next section, the mental training process includes many different approaches that consultants may adopt as they target specific mental skills or sets of skills for enhancement. A FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERSTANDING MENTAL SKILLS TRAINING IN SPORT A framework for understanding mental skills training in sport is shown in Figure 13.2. The targets for mental training are foundation, performance, personal development, and team skills. The process of mental training includes the philosophy, model, strategies, and techniques that define the consultant s approach to enhancing mental skills. This process is mediated by the interpersonal and technical effectiveness of the consultant. The two arrows on each side of the framework represent the influence of physical training and the socialcultural influences of sport and society on the mental
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