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Preparation of this manuscript was supported in part by NIMH MH59685 and MH60892. Address correspondence to Drew Westen, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University, 532 Kilgo Cir., Atlanta, GA 30322, e-mail; or Rebekah Bradley, Psychological Center, Emory University, 1462 Clifton Road, Suite 235, Atlanta, GA 30322, e-mail 238
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Table 5-1 (continued)
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where xi k , cji are ith components of n 1 -vectors x k , cj respectively. Assuming b p 2 leads us to the most popular, simple, and quite effective Bezdek s fuzzy c-means algorithm [2]:   x k cj  2 kx k cl k 2 w2 k x k j w2 k j
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should be noted that there are connectivities with no links in trandem. This is an own-exchange connectivity, where the calling and called subscriber terminate their subscriber loops in the same exchange.
A marketing dashboard contains all relevant metrics required by the Marketing department. Typical marketing metrics might include current marketing campaigns, media purchase, promotional effectiveness, budget versus expenditure, Web page traffic metrics, insight into competitive landscape, pricing, cross-buying analysis, as well as industry trend summaries. Metrics would be presented depending on the area of an individual s responsibility within marketing. The following are some of the metrics that may be included in a marketing dashboard: Promotional campaign Marketing budget versus spending Marketing programs by region and territory Web trends and click-stream analysis Market shares Product mix and cross buying Pricing elasticity Product basket analysis Product propensity analysis Sales and market share trends Promotions versus sales Industry trends and external influences to sales
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