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13.5.2 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
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the accompanying documents on origin, weight, etc. certi cates on compliance with legal requirements and standards, etc. temperatures (for chilled lean meat and fat: below 4 C in core, below 7 C on surface; frozen material: below 15 C) temperature history (as registered by data loggers or similar equipment)
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12 The HTML Viewer Control The advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web have led to dramatic changes in the basic functionality
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For the weight-loss data, the sum of squares for treatment A is SSA = (CA ) [CA (X X) 1 C A ] 1 (C A ) = 127.4038 with p 1 = 2 degrees of freedom. The null hypothesis for treatment B is H0:
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Experiment with the Immediate window
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It s my opinion that Excel s object model has a serious flaw: There is no direct way to determine the ranges used in a chart. Let s look at what the object model does provide. The Series object is contained in a Chart object. The SeriesCollection is a collection of Series objects for a particular Chart object. If a chart plots two data series, it will have two Series objects. You can refer to a particular Series object by its index number. The following expression, for example, creates an object variable that represents the first Series object in the active chart:
A hierarchical network showing alternative (alternate) routing. Note the CCITT nomenclature.
Overt File For each bit in the Covert file, read a character from the Overt file.
downstream routers for information. The information that is sent to other DVMRP routers is called a route report. The metrics in the route reports are the most important fields of the report. This not only builds the source subnetwork table (indicating the source subnetworks and their reachability), but also allows for the building of a forwarding table that indicates to the router which downstream routers are depending on that upstream router for forwarding multicast datagrams to them. Upstream routers send route reports to their downstream neighbors indicating source subnets and their metrics. Like RIP, the metric to a source subnet is the cumulative cost of all the incoming interfaces so far. The route reports will be sent to a DVMRP s neighbor router. Contained in this list are source subnets and metrics (in the range of 1 31). If a downstream router wishes to indicate to an upstream router that it is dependent on it for receiving multicast datagrams for a particular source subnet, that downstream router will echo the route back to the upstream neighbor with a metric higher than 32. Infinity for DVMRP is considered to be 32. Therefore, the downstream neighbor will add 32 to the incoming metric and echo this back to the upstream router. This relies on a technique known as poison reverse. When the upstream router receives this update, and sees the metric for the source subnetwork in the range between infinity to twice infinity, then the upstream router will add the downstream router to a list of dependent routers for that source. The value of infinity is 32 and indicates that a source network is not reachable. The range of metrics may be between 1 63. The original metric of the source is 1 31, 32 means not reachable, and 33 63 is the poison reverse metric of a downstream router telling its upstream router that it wants to be added to its table for multicast datagrams of a given source.
The goto action jumps to a frame or scene. The play and stop actions play and stop movies. The getURL action jumps to a different URL.
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