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Resource management optimization Utilazation modeling & optimization (UMO) Agent interaction & coordination between agent neighborhoods
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and can more efficiently use the address. The preceding examples show how to split up a network for subnets assuming one mask per network ID (discussed extensively previously in the book). A concept known as Variable-Length Subnet Mask (VLSM, detailed under the RIP and OSPF sections of this book), allows us to assign variable masks per network ID. We can move the mask around the single network ID. These protocols transmit the subnet mask along with the network ID in the routing update message. VLSM can be very, very confusing. One rule you should follow: Do not make it overly complicated. As a general rule, do not VLSM more than three times. Yes, efficiency is important, but you must sit down with your team or customer and determine the network topology. For example, if you use the address with a /16 prefix (, a very effective method of using VLSM is /24 (for subnets with lots of networks), /27 (for subnets with fewer hosts or maybe higher-powered network-hogging apps), and /30 (mask for the serial lines). This is shown next. You can go wild and try to develop a mask for every subnet, but having a few leftover bits is fine. Also, using this method is not efficient as you will be spreading different subnets through the network in a noncontiguous fashion, which can become burdensome on the route tables. However, it does explain the variable-length subnet feature. First, your base address is This goes at the top of the chart. From here we will create 256 subnets using the /24 subnet mask. No hosts have been assigned yet. We currently have 50 serial (point-to-point) lines to work with and predict a growth of 100 more remote sites over the next two years. Therefore, we need 150 subnets for the serial lines and there are only two host addresses needed per serial line. We have reserved the,, and the subnets for serial lines. The network is further subdivided (sub-subnetted) using the first 6 bits of the fourth octet ( or /30), yielding 64 subnets for serial lines. With each subnet (56, 57, and 58) supporting 64 subnets we now have 192 subnets allotted for serial lines. We leave 2 bits, which allows for two host addresses to be assigned (all 0s and all 1s are not
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100 million calculated earlier. Clearly, the conditional independence assumption, when valid, makes our life much easier. Further, since the naive Bayes classi cation is the same as the MAP classi cation when the conditional independence assumption is met, the naive Bayes classi cation is also optimal, in the sense of minimizing the error rate over all classi ers. In practice, however, departures from the conditional independence assumption tend to inhibit the optimality of the naive Bayes classi er. Next, we examine the log of the posterior odds ratio, which can provide us with an intuitive measure of the amount that each variable contributes toward the classi cation decision. The posterior odds ratio takes the form p( c |X) p( c |X) = p(X| c ) p( c ) p(X| c ) p( c )
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(2) X (m x n), A (p
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single network may have several upstream channels to which stations may be assigned. Each station must be capable of changing its upstream channel at the request of the HC. The HC must be able to simultaneously receive all upstream channels within the network.
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Integrative and Biopsychosocial Approaches in Contemporary Clinical Psychology
Figure 3-6
some fungus spores to transfer from an electrostatically charged sheet of metal to a piece of wax paper. After patenting the process, he tried to sell it to 20 of the largest corporations in the country. They all turned him down. In 1947, a little photographic products manufacturing company in Rochester, New York, called Haloid bet a quarter of its yearly pro t (pro t of $101,000 on $6.7 million in revenue) on developing the idea. In 1959, Haloid introduced the rst practical application of Carlson s invention, which Haloid called the Xerox 914. Two years later, revenue topped $60 million. Four years after that, Xerox was a half-billion-dollar corporation.9 Or people like Noah and Joseph McVicker, who in 1956 invented a pliable plastic composition they hoped would clean wallpaper. When their sister, who taught preschoolers, seized on the stuff to replace the modeling clay her students found too dif cult to play with, they formed the Rainbow Crafts Company to manufacture the stuff as a toy. To date, Hasbro, the corporation that eventually bought out Rainbow Crafts, has sold more than two billion cans of Play-Doh. Its odor has been named one of the top ve most identi able smells in the world, and it is one of the most successful toy products of all time.10 Innovating in WHAT powered twentieth-century capitalism, but those days are gone. If the McVickers came up with Play-Doh today, someone could take it to China, reverse engineer it in a week, and deliver it around the world at a fraction of the price. A Xerox machine might suffer a similar fate in just a few months. It is dif cult to invent a better product in a world of commodities, and that is where we nd ourselves. Starbucks unleashes a newfound appreciation for coffee drinks, and now every diner and greasy spoon serves caffe lattes. Dell makes an inexpensive personal computer, and Hewlett-Packard is soon doing likewise. Johnson & Johnson nds a way to protect the integrity of Tylenol, and nearly instantly every analgesic bottle has the same antitampering device.11 It is harder now to Innovate in WHAT. It takes a lot of luck and money to be a pioneer, and even if you pull it off, the ability for someone to reverse engineer you in six months and not in six years eliminates a lot of the incentive for doing so. In 1999, two companies, ReplayTV and TiVo, simultaneously rolled out the rst consumer ver-
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