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topic pursued for its intrinsic interest (Chapelle 2000; Griebler 2001). In parallel with these developments, a number of pioneering researchers were also busy investigating the meio- and macro-fauna of a range of aquifer systems. The rst substantial synthesis of this work appeared in the mid 1990s (Gibert et al. 1994), providing a rm foundation upon which groundwater ecology has begun to be erected as a new subdiscipline of ecology (see Wilkens et al. 2000; Griebler et al. 2001; Danielopol et al. 2003). By the mid 1990s, the concept of applied groundwater ecology was beginning to emerge (Malard et al. 1996), with the proposal that evaluations of groundwater ecosystem status might be useful within wider groundwater quality monitoring programs (just as invertebrate surveys of streams are used to assess the overall quality of surface waters). As in surface water studies, the initial proposal of Malard et al. (1996) was to use invertebrates as biomonitors of aquifer quality. A number of pioneering investigations have been launched to investigate the feasibility of this proposition. One such study, within a karstic aquifer (cf. Section 6.4.4), found that the relative abundances of certain classes of invertebrates proved to be a reliable indicator of sporadic sewage pollution, which might have gone undetected using conventional water sampling techniques. It is beyond the scope of this book to provide a thorough introduction to groundwater ecology, let alone its potential applications to aquifer monitoring and management. Rather, the following sections offer brief summaries of the key ndings of studies of particular aspects of groundwater ecosystems. For more detailed insights into the techniques and ndings of such studies, the references cited in the text should be consulted. 6.4.2 Natural microbial communities in aquifers Our understanding of the microbial ecology of aquifers is an area of extremely active research
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Here s another scroll bar trick that s interesting, but somewhat less useful. If you Option-click a scroll arrow, the document scrolls one full screen in that direction, just as if you had clicked the scroll track.
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his appendix contains the ANSI codes, the character (if any) they produce, their hex value, binary value, and the keystroke (if any) that generates the code.
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The front of ce staff interacts with all departments of the hotel, including marketing and sales, housekeeping, food and beverage, banquet, controller, maintenance, security, and human resources. These departments view the front of ce as a communication liaison in providing guest services. Each of the departments has a unique communication link with the front of ce staff.
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Alternatively, this expression is called the exponential matrix of A. (See Section 11.1.)
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Energy conservation, as a result of data aggregation, is of particular concern for sensor nodes close to the base station. Without any form of data aggregation, a greater number of messages are transmitted. As a result, their batteries are depleted quickly. Eventually, when nodes that communicate directly with the base station die, the sensor network is rendered unusable, regardless of the remaining power of other nodes (see Fig. 1.10), since no messages can reach the base station. Data aggregation seeks to combine data arriving from different sources en route. In [44], the authors study the energy savings and latency trade-offs caused by data aggregation and how factors such as source (i.e., event) and sink (i.e., base station) placements and network density affect this trade-off. A complexity analysis of optimal data aggregation in sensor networks is also performed, and although it is shown that optimal data aggregation is NP-hard, polynomial-time solutions exist for certain cases. The work presented in [45] continuously computes aggregates of wireless sensor network monitoring functions. Aggregates computed include sums, averages, and counts. Network properties considered include loss rates, energy levels, and packet counts. A novel tree construction algorithm is proposed to enable energyef cient computation of some classes of aggregates, and it is demonstrated, through actual implementation and experiments, that wireless communication artifacts and packet loss signi cantly impact the computation of these aggregate properties. During experiments conducted on a test bed of 26 sensor nodes, packet loss for each link was measured every minute for two hours under various topology settings.
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