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Server awake L Cluster node 1 Server sleeps
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The Sound object s setVolume method controls the volume, and the setPan method adjusts the left and right balance of a sound.
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Appendix C: Answers to Selected Problems
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Figure 13-1: You can insert a sound at any point on the timeline.
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It is important to note at the outset the value of capturing guest data at registration. This information is used by many employees in the hotel to provide service and hospitality to the guest. It will be used to transfer messages to the guest, to inform the staff of the guest s needs, to check credit background, and to process charges. Guests will undoubtedly receive phone calls, phone messages, mail, and/or fax transmissions that the hotel must deliver. Recording the proper spelling of a guest s name, including the middle initial, during registration will assist the telephone operator and bellhop in locating the correct guest. A person with a common last name such as Smith should not miss an important message just because more than one Thomas Smith is registered at the hotel. Hotel employees also need to know who each person is in the hotel so standard op-
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Ordinal Analysis of Behavioral Data
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Unlike nonequivalent-groups designs, where systematic initial selection differences are likely, random assignment precludes systematic selection in the randomized experiment. Moreover, as just noted, classical statistical procedures provide a way of summarizing and modeling the random selection differences that remain. Because it provides a close approximation to the ideal comparison, a randomized experiment, if carried out well, provides a strong warrant for inferring a cause-effect relationship. Note, however, that this holds for the global hypothesis that the treatment causes a difference in the outcome. For the more speci c hypotheses about the underlying mechanism, the randomized experiment is not intrinsically so strong. For example, a randomized evaluation of the impact of a freshman orientation session on drinking behavior can demonstrate a causal relationship while leaving completely unaddressed whether the underlying mechanism involves subjective norms, attitudes, or something else. (Readers familiar with Cook & Campbell s 1979 validity scheme will hear echoes of the distinction between internal and construct validity). In addition, the randomized experiment does not necessarily assist in describing those characteristics, other than the treatment, that were required for the effect to occur, which would allow the researcher to ll in the missing knowledge about the contingencies that apply to the causal relationship. (Here, readers familiar with the Cook & Campbell validity scheme will hear an echo involving external validity). The randomized experiment has been soundly criticized by some evaluators on these grounds (e.g., Pawson & Tilley, 1997). In fact, randomized experiments do, as these critics suggest, enable researchers to examine cause-effect relationships without also examining underlying mechanisms. However, this blind spot is not an inevitable product of the use of randomized experiments (Julnes, Mark, & Henry, 1998; Mark et al., 1998). To the contrary, the randomized experiment can, if appropriately designed, be a powerful tool for studying underlying process as well as for estimating causeeffect relationships. Indeed, the laboratory experiment has been used widely in psychology precisely to study underlying mechanisms, with investigators using different conditions chosen carefully to differentiate between alternative mechanisms. In most evaluation contexts, however, the between-condition differences are so coarse and multifaceted that between-group differences are generally not very revealing about underlying processes. Nevertheless, even in evaluation contexts, patterns of differential effects (e.g., across client subgroups) can support one underlying mechanism and discount others (Mark, 1990). In addition, as discussed in the next section, mediation can be examined in the context of a randomized experiment.
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The Complete Contacts Database API
To create an animated banner: 1. Launch Flash and open the animatedBannerBegin.fla file. Notice that the document has already been sized to 550 x 100, a typical size for a Web site splash banner. The banner is long enough and wide enough to attract attention and showcase your talent. You can incorporate the banner within a table that displays text and images below the banner. 2. Choose Window Library. The document Library opens. 3. Open the Movie Clips folder and drag an instance of the corporateOfficers movie clip onto the Stage. 4. Using the Align panel, align the movie clip to the left corner of the Stage. 5. Drag an instance of the corpLogo symbol from the document Library onto the Stage. 6. Align the symbol to the center of the document. 7. Choose Control Test Movie. Flash publishes the movie and displays it in another window. What you ve just created is interesting enough. There s a nice little animation playing in the corner along with a good-looking logo in the center of the banner. However, you can add so much more with just a bit of ActionScript. When you ve finished looking at the movie, close the window to exit symbol-editing mode. To add a bit of excitement to the banner, you re going to add three fields of animated stars to the banner that move from left to right.
Creating a function to generate a random frame number
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Plate 1.1 An animal this shape should produce a long, thin pseudomorph. C. Waller.
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