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Thus, we cannot achieve any higher rates with feedback than we can without feedback, and CF B = C. (7.135)
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How does the middleware or external software produce an HTML page The reason server-side processing is necessary is for a page to be able to pull data out of a database and present it on a page or to write data taken from a form to a database. Usually when you write a page using a scripting language, you indicate all records that meet certain criteria should be written into the HTML and served to the client. The middleware or external software goes out to the database (usually using ODBC standards), reads the database, and formats the data with HTML. Then it returns the page to the Web server. The Web server recognizes the page as containing only HTML and serves it to the client.
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8. On the right side of the window are four buttons: New, Edit, Remove,
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How Do Viruses Infect a Computer
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FIGURE 19-3: Property list for service entry.
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Evolution: A Generative Source for Conceptualizing the Attributes of Personality
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