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Automatic instantiation of reader components, which handle sensor-speci c aspects of communication and data processing
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Here, the subscript, ii, indicates that the ith subject s score from the rst occasion is compared to the same subject s score from the second occasion. The unbiased sample estimate of w is the average within-pair dominance: dii dw = . (25.74) n It is the difference between the proportion of individuals who change in one direction and the proportion that change in the opposite direction. When there are no ties in the paired observations, dw would be equivalent to the Friedman (1937) statistic. Separately, which is a measure of the extent to which the overall distribution has moved, except for the selfcomparisons, is estimated by db , the average between-pair dominance. In the repeated measure case, db is the proportion that individual scores on one occasion are higher than scores of other individuals on the other occasion, minus the
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Foundations and Fundamentals
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Social In uence and Group Dynamics
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Tomashewski, L., 409 Toobert, D., 335, 337, 339 Tooby, J., 5, 15, 16, 533 Toprac, M. G., 241 Torgersen, S., 28 Torrey, E. F., 166 Tracy, H., 349 Trapnell, P. D., 126, 260, 283, 285 Trask, P. C., 383 Tremblay, R., 29 Triandis, H., 406 Trierweiler, S. J., 516 Trijsburg, R. W., 339 Trikha, A., 306 Trimble, J., 341 Tringone, R. F., 378 Trivedi, M. H., 241 Trivers, R. L., 5 Trobst, K. K., 131, 265, 266 Trock, B., 335 Tromofovitch, P., 29 Trost, M. R., 8 Troughton, E., 28, 32 Trull, T. J., 122, 258, 259, 262, 263, 507 Tucker, R. C., 212 Turk, D., 334 Turkat, I. D., 164, 176 Turkheimer, E., 14, 106 Turner, C., 334, 335 Turner, D., 383 Tyrer, P., 32 Tyrrell, D. A., 336, 347 Tyson, R., 143, 145, 160 Ulvenstam, G., 340 Umberson, D., 337 Umerez, J., 10 Useda, D., 507 Vaillant, G. E., 125, 142, 167, 172, 336, 341 Valdimarsdottir, H., 346, 347 Vancouver, J. B., 497 Van den Brande, I., 410, 412 Van den Brink, W., 507 van der Pompe, G., 341, 346 Vanderpool, H., 340 van de Vijver, F. J. R., 260 van de Vijver, R., 407 Vanier, C., 31 van Knippenberg, F. C. E., 339 Vanzulli, L., 170, 171 Vassend, O., 383 Vaughan, S., 86 Vernon, P. A., 26, 27, 104, 105, 106, 107, 109, 294 Vernon, S. W., 335 Verschell, M. S., 320 Vickery, D. M., 345 Viglione, D. J., 325 Villagran, N. E., 311
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