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In a point-to-multipoint mode, uplink and downlink data transmission occurs in separate time frames. The BS transmits a large amount of MAC PDUs in the downlink subframe. The SS uses time division multiplexing (TDD) to send MAC PDUs to the BS. The phenomenon is explained in Fig. 20.5. The uplink and downlink subframes occur simultaneously on different frequencies in frequency division multiplexing (FDD) but on the same
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Oracle Lock Escalation Oracle automatically converts a table lock of lower restrictiveness to one of higher restrictiveness as appropriate. As an example, assume a transaction issues a SELECT . . . FOR UPDATE statement. In this case, the transaction acquires an exclusive row lock and a row share table lock on the table. If this transaction later updates one or more of the locked rows, the row share table lock is automatically converted to a row exclusive table lock by Oracle. As another example, if a transaction holds many row locks on a table, the database will automatically escalate the row locks to a single table lock for the transaction. Oracle Lock Compatibility Matrix Figure 5.21 summarizes the lock types and compatibilities that are supported by Oracle 10 g.
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advances the Debugger out of a function. This button works only if you are currently stopped in a user-defined function; it moves the yellow arrow to the line after the one where that function was called. In the example above, if you place a breakpoint at line 3 and click Step Out, the Debugger moves to line 8. Clicking Step Out at a line that is not within a user-defined function is the same as clicking Continue. For example, if you stop at line 6 and click Step Out, the player continues executing the script until it encounters a breakpoint.
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Building representation and correspondence in WGS84.
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The early work of clinical psychologists involved primarily psychological and intellectual testing. Psychotherapy and other treatment services for those suffering from mental illness were conducted primarily by psychiatrists. Most psychotherapy during this time utilized Freud s psychoanalytic principles and techniques. Although Freud disagreed (Freud, 1959), psychiatrists in the United
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Listing 8-6: A Typical Plugin Package Utilizing MT::Plugin
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